How to Search and Find on Page in Microsoft Edge Android?

Learn how to search for the text or wording on the site page with the Find on Page feature in Microsoft Edge for Android. This will search and highlight terms.

If you’re doing any research work or trying to find a solution for a very specific problem, then often we try to find the phrase or sentence on that page. And it works most of the time on the desktop browser.

The keyboard hotkeys Cmd + F (on Mac) and Ctrl + F (Windows) can help in searching on desktop browsers. A similar function also exists in the mobile browser which is known as Find on Page on Edge (Chromium) Android.

A week back, my brother was working on his research paper online when he asked for my help. He wanted to search for several terms within the research paper and had less time in hand to do so!

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Whenever we invoke the find on page and enter any term, the keyword matching the phrase will be highlighted. If there is more than one phrase, then repetitions are also counted. We can also quickly navigate within the results using the arrow command buttons near the search bar.

How to Find on Page in Edge Android?

The find on page option is available under the options menu in the edge browser. Taping on the Find on page option will invoke the search sidebar where you can enter the keyword that you want to find. The Microsoft edge find on page is an effective feature!

Here are the steps on how to search on a page in Edge Android:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge app on Android.
  2. Open and access the web page that you want to search for.
  3. Tap on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  4. Select the Find on page option from the list.
  5. Enter the ‘keyword’ or ‘sentence’ to search on the page.

Find on Page in Edge Android

This feature will automatically search and display the repetition highlighting the yellow color. You can scroll or tap on the arrow buttons to scroll through results.

Video demo of Find on Page in Edge Android

Watch the video demo of how to find and search a word or phrase on the website using Microsoft Edge for Android. The find on page highlights the number of instances the search term is visible.

How to Search and Find on Page in Microsoft Edge Android?

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Bottom Line: Edge Android Find on Page

The find on page feature in the Microsoft edge (chromium) browser is really helpful, especially for the research students. It helps in looking up any terms and keywords hidden on the page and also highlights the repetitions.

The find on page feature could help my brother a lot with his research paper and he was really thankful to me for it. The Microsoft edge finds on page feature makes everything really convenient.

Similarly, you can also use the find in page feature on Edge desktop browser. It works pretty much the same in the mobile browser and highlights the search keyword.

How often do you use the find on page feature in Edge (Chromium) on your Android phone?

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