How to Search Text and Find in Page using Chrome Android?

Learn how to search and find the text on the web page using Chrome Android. The Find in Page helps in looking up for keywords that are available on the page.

Find in page option is very helpful when you are looking up for a specific term or word in page. The option will automatically search the entered keyword and also display the number of repetitions.

During my graduation days, I was working on a project which has to do a tonne of research work. I had to read citations, wiki pages, research articles, etc. and find out specific technical terms that match my project requirement. Since then I have been a fan of find in page feature on chrome browser.

This feature is also available for the chrome android app. It works something similar to Ctrl+F or Cmd+F in page finder on our chrome desktop browser.

You also have the option to navigate between the search results repetitions using the arrow buttons. The repetitions are highlighted in yellow.

How to Search text and Find in Page on Chrome Android?

Especially in the long-form content if you are looking for any word, then find on page option is really helpful.

Here are the steps to Find words in Page on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Chrome Android Browser app.
  2. Open the Webpage that you want to search in.
  3. Tap onvertical 3dots icon for the Options menu.
  4. Select Find in Page option within the list.
    Find in Page Chrome Android
  5. Enter the term or keyword that you want to find on the page.
  6. The keywords and repetitions will be highlighted on the page.
    Search in Page on Chrome Android

As mentioned, you can use the arrow button to skip the next search result and find the desired answer that you need.

The in-page search feature works only on the current page. However, if you’re searching within the website. You should use the search option available on the website.

Video tutorial on Find in Page on Chrome Android

Watch the video demo on how to search text or word using in-built Find in Page option in Chrome Android.

How to Search and Find in Page using Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line — Chrome Android Find on Page

As mentioned, the find or search in page feature is really helpful for anyone who knows how to use and can be vastly used for research or page lookup.

Similarly, you can also use find in the page on chrome computer that works almost the same as android chrome.

Personally, the find on page feature is great, what do you think about it?

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