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How to Send link to Computer PC from Edge Android

Learn how to share and send a link to Windows PC or Microsoft Edge browser on the computer from the Edge Android. You need to login to Microsoft Account.

We can easily send the links to connected Windows computer from our Edge browser for Android. However, we need to first congiure the YourPhone app on both the device and sign-in with the same Microsoft account to sync to happen. You can also share files, media and launch all phone data using YourPhone App on Windows.

Send Link to Connected Devices on Edge browser

We can easily switch between devices and continue reading across the device browser within the Microsoft Edge network. If you use the Edge browser on multiple devices like Desktop, PC, Tablets, and mobile phones, you must sign in with your Microsoft account, which will help connect and send links across devices.

However, you won’t be able to use this function without a login. It’s something similar to what we have for the Chrome browser. If your device is linked with the same Microsoft account, you cross to send the links and continue taking it over.

I often use this feature to read on the go and then continue on PC. Isn’t that so cool?

Send Link to Computer PC

You can send a link from your mobile phone’s edge browser to a computer PC. However, you must configure the Android mobile and Windows 10 with your Phone App. The Edge sent to the phone is a fantastic feature.

Here are the steps to send a link from the Edge Android:

Assuming you’ve already signed in to your Microsoft account on Edge browser on PC and mobile.

  1. Launch the Edge app for Android.
  2. Open the Website link that you need to send across the device.
  3. Tap on the Share icon in the bottom bar.
  4. Select the option Continue on PC.
    Continue on PC option on Edge Android
  5. Choose the Desktop PC name from the available list.
  6. Notice the popup notification on the PC for incoming link requests.

When you click the link or open the Edge browser on a computer, the link will start loading automatically.

Using similar steps, you can also share the link from the PC to the desktop device.

Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video on sending a website link from the Edge Android browser to Windows PC or Microsoft Signed-in device. It can help you continue on PC or phone as per your needs.

How to Send link to Computer PC from Edge Android?

Bottom Line

If you configure your phone app or even log in to the Microsoft account into the Edge browser, the link-sharing and sending links will be quite an easy and seamless process.

Whenever I read an article on my PC and have to go out for any reason, I use the Edge send-to-phone option to continue on the phone. It may also be applicable and vice versa. Thus, it is a handy feature. So, overall, Edge has this brilliant feature to connect your Android phone to your PC, which will ease your work by saving you time.

Similarly, you can also send the link from a PC to a mobile phone or even another computer on the Edge computer. However, you must use your mobile app to log in with the same Microsoft account.

Do you like the link-sharing feature in Edge Android? How often do you switch between mobile and edge computer browsers?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Send link to Computer PC from Edge Android, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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