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How to Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser?

The Brave browser allows connecting two or more different devices running within Brave to sync and send the links bi-directionally. All we need is to scan the QR code or enter the sync chain code from the Brave computer using the Brave mobile browser. The connected devices can also sync browsing data.

Have you ever seen something cool on a web page and wanted to share it? Like sharing a link to a webpage from a computer to your phone. Usually, you would email the link to yourself to be able to access it from your phone or any other device.

Brave browser simplifies the process of sharing links. With the sync feature of the Brave browser, users can send a link to the devices connected to their computer. Since the browser does not have a feature to share links directly, users can use the Sync feature to share links.

Unfortunately, sharing links through sync restricts users from sharing the links only with devices connected to it.

Sharing links with connected devices through sync on the Brave browser is tedious. But once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy. I have created a comprehensive guide to help you understand this process.

The purpose of the sync feature is to enable users to synchronize their data on all their devices. Users can access their browsing data like extensions, open tabs, themes, passwords, apps, browser history, bookmarks, etc.

It also streamlines adding or deleting data by synchronizing the changes across all devices. With the help of the sync feature, users can also instantly send links to connected devices. The links are shared with the connected devices when the user sets up a Sync chain.

Setup Brave Sync Chain

Users must set up a sync chain first since sharing links without a sync chain is impossible. Setting up a sync chain only requires the user to do as the browser says during the process.

Here are the steps to set up a sync chain on the Brave browser:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select on Sync option.
    Sync option menu in Brave browser
  3. Click on the Start a new Sync chain button.
    Start a new Sync Chain option in Brave Computer
  4. Click on the type of device you wish to add to the sync chain.
    Choose Device Type for Sync Setup on Brave computerThe two options that you will see are Phone/Tablet and Computer.
  5. Select the method to enable Sync chain – Sync code or QR code.
    Sync Chain Scan QR Code on Brave Computer
  6. Complete the sync process.

For connecting to a computer, enter the sync code, which is 24 words long. For connecting to a phone, scan the QR code from your smartphone.

Note: To scan the QR code, you must go to the Sync tab in the Settings of the Brave Phone browser. Just follow the given instructions, and it will sync the device.

The Brave browser will set up the sync chain and connect the devices. In the screenshot below, I have synced my smartphone with my computer.

Send Link to Connected Device

Now that you have set up the sync chain, you can start sharing links with the connected devices. You can also share links if you have an existing sync chain.

Here are the steps to send links to a connected device on the Brave browser:

  1. Launch Brave computer browser.
  2. Open the website whose link you want to share with the connected device.
  3. Right-click on the page, and click on Send to your devices from the context menu.
    Send to your devices context menu on Brave computer
  4. Select the synced device from the list with which you want to share the link.
    Sent to your devices window in Brave browser option

The browser will send the link to the connected device, easily accessible from the destination device.

Apart from sending the links, the Brave browser will also sync the Addresses, Bookmarks, History, Open Tabs, Passwords, and Browser settings.

Sync Settings in Brave Computer Browser

These Sync Settings are available on the Sync tab within the Brave, where you can enable or disable them per need.

Bottom Line: Brave Send Link to Devices

Brave browser is a great browser. It is fast and safe. It does have some shortcomings, like no direct feature to share links. However, users can share links with connected devices. The devices connected to them can access the shared links through the sync feature.

We have detailed the sync feature and how users can share links with connected devices. It also explains how users can set up a sync chain. We have tried to explain all the steps straightforwardly.

This article is just for you if you want to share links with connected devices on the Brave browser. After reading this, you will face no issues sharing links to the connected devices.

Let us know if you’re facing any issues or have questions regarding the sync feature.

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3 thoughts on “How to Send Link to Connected Devices on Brave Browser?”

  1. When device 1 generates a sync barcode, does device 2 that scans it receive device 1’s bookmarks etc. or send its bookmarks to device 1 instead? I’ve been trying to sync Brave from my phone to the same phone where a separate Brave is used independently in a secure folder and am having trouble.

  2. “The browser will send the link to the connected device, easily accessible from the destination device.”

    WHERE is it accessible? nothing happens when I send the link.

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