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How to Set a Default Browser in Samsung Phone

Learn how to set a default web browser on Samsung phones like Galaxy phones, etc. You can choose the default browser app from the device settings menu.

Samsung phones allow users to set their default browser to their preferred app, including Firefox, Google Chrome, or Samsung Internet. This feature lets users access their preferred browser quickly without navigating through multiple apps. It also helps ensure a consistent browsing experience across apps and websites.

Change Default Browser in Samsung Phone

Samsung introduces some of the most classy devices on the market. They mainly focus on providing a satisfying user experience from all aspects. Hence, you can find great features, good hardware, a crystal-clear camera, and many other things available on a single device.

Moreover, Samsung is best known for its display quality. The flagship phones from Samsung are just mind-blowing. Additionally, they have done considerably well with the budget by making it affordable.

Even though Samsung phones provide users with highly satisfying features, most users often dislike its default browser, the Samsung Internet. That’s because the browser sometimes gets excessively slow.

The interface doesn’t seem to be user-friendly. And this is why people prefer to set an alternative browser as their Samsung default. But how can you set a default browser on a Samsung phone? The answer lies below, where I have mentioned each step in detail. Read on to find out.

Change Default Browser

Generally, most Android devices come with Google Chrome as their default browser. And that’s the wisest choice anybody would go for.

However, Samsung has its browser, which is quite frustrating compared to the other browsers. Here are the steps to change the default browser on a Samsung phone:

  1. Launch the device Settings.
  2. Choose the Apps tab within Settings.
  3. Next, tap on Default Apps.
    Default applications menu in Samsung Phone Settings
  4. Now go to the Browser app.
    Default Browser app in Samsung Mobile
  5. Select the radio button against the browser and set it as your default browser.
    Select default Browser app from the list

So, this is how you set your Samsung default browser.

The location of these options might change as you use different Samsung devices. So some devices may use the latest UI, which has the default options in the More horizontal 3bar icon menu. For those with old Touchwiz UI, the steps are mentioned above.

There shouldn’t be much difference between the old UI and the new Samsung UI settings.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Internet browser does a great job in itself. But it is pretty slow compared to other web browsers such as Google Chrome.

Another disturbing fact about the Samsung default browser is that the interface takes longer to load. Due to such vexing issues, more users use different browsers as their default ones. So, if you also want to change your default browser on your Samsung phone, these steps will surely help you.

What do you think about the feature that lets you change your default Samsung browser? Also, what is your current default browser?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Set a Default Browser in Samsung Phone, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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4 thoughts on “How to Set a Default Browser in Samsung Phone”

  1. The factory setting for the default browser is none, meaning every time you open a link you will be prompted to choose which browser to use at the moment. How to I reinstate this option after a browser was set as the default?

    1. Hello Yaniv, the Samsung Phones does offer the option to set any preferred browser to set as default. You can search in Phone Settings for the same. After setting the default browser, the phone shouldn’t prompt you to choose. It will automatically open the links in the chosen one.

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