Samsung Internet for Android: Features and Overview

Learn about the features and setting options available in the Samsung Internet Browser that comes pre-installed. It offers great privacy and security setting.

Samsung smartphones provide a different experience from the usual Android experience. Though Samsung smartphones run on Android, however, one UI is a custom skin by Samsung to integrate additional features. The OS also gives the Samsung devices their unique feel; Samsung has its stock Android apps.

Unlike Google stock Android, Samsung has its store for apps, especially for Galaxy devices. You can access all the major and popular apps from the Galaxy store. However, most of the essential Apps of Samsung are installed on Samsung devices as default. The primary applications are – Samsung Internet Browser, Calendar, tracker, etc. Each of these applications is developed by Samsung, and it is different from native Google apps.

Samsung Internet browser is one of the native pre-loaded apps which is also the default browser in your Samsung smartphone. The browser has exceptional features like VR support that you can’t find on any other browser. My father bought a new Samsung phone recently and wanted to know more about the features of the Samsung browser.

Moreover, the Web engine used in the Samsung Internet browser is Chromium, which is precisely the same as Google Chrome. Therefore, you will get a browsing speed similar to Google Chrome, which is currently the fastest browser.

While using the Samsung Internet browser, you get the fastest browsing speed. You will also have features that Chrome lacks, such as in-built support for Adblocker with Anti-tracking extensions, which makes browsing smoother than ever.

Samsung Browser also supports third-party apps for content blocking. It allows apps to filter websites which you want to blacklist.

Let’s have a detailed look at all the features of the Samsung browser:

Browser Speed

The Chromium web engine enables the browser to surf the internet with the fastest possible speed, which makes the browsing experience similar to Google Chrome.

Few other browsers are developed using the Chromium engine like Microsoft Edge, Kiwi browser, Yandex browser, etc.


The Samsung Internet browser homepage is similar to that of the chrome browser with a search bar and suggested articles. It’s clean and highly customizable.

Samsung Internet Browser with BrowserHow homepage

Samsung browser homepage is quite similar to Chrome with a powerful Google search engine as its default webpage. Down below, you will see multiple options such as tabs, back page, and next page button, along with a quick menu.


Samsung Internet Settings Menu

Samsung browser is the default browser of all Samsung devices, but thankfully you don’t have to go to system settings to change browser settings. Apple, you can learn a few things from here! Here are a few options which you will find in the Samsung Browser settings menu.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security Settings tab in Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet browser is packed with a smart anti-tracking feature that intelligently blocks cookies from sites. Hence, no site can have an eye on you except a few. Moreover, search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo are introduced in the Samsung Browser, which is a privacy-focused and secure search engine. However, if you want, you can also switch to the default search engine Google.

Sync and Accounts

Samsung Internet Browser allows users to sync with an account. All the saved bookmarks, etc. will be loaded on the browser. The synchronization is similar to Google Chrome login, but it is much better, like Chrome. It can only load bookmarks, and you can’t change your favorites, etc.


Customize Appearance in Samsung Internet

In the appearance menu, you can change the look and feel of your browser. It gives you a couple of options to change the layout of your browser and some color schemes, and it is always good to have some customization options in your browser.

Useful Features

Useful features in Samsung Internet browser

Apart from all the basic features, the Samsung Internet browser also gives a set of other useful features that you can fully benefit from while surfing the web. These include the QR code scanner, video preload, autoplay videos, etc. These tiny features can add up to your browsing experience.

High contrast mode

Samsung Internet Browser High contrast mode enabled

High Contrast mode makes the web page more vibrant to make it accessible and comfortable for reading on the Samsung browser. The method is beneficial to those who have impaired vision as using high contrast mode due to the vibrant colors; it is easy to recognize texts on the page.

Multiple Tabs

List of open Tabs and Turn on Secret mode in Samsung Internet

Whenever you surf the web, you are going to open multiple tabs on your browser. It is great that the Samsung Internet browser can handle multiple tabs easily without compromising the user experience. To close an active tab, you can press the cross button, which will close the tab.

Web Payments and Web Apps Indication Badge

Samsung Browser is vital because, while money transactions, a middle man attack can grab your information. With the new web Payment API, the Samsung browser is more secure than ever for money transactions. The new web API provides the same safe environment as any highly secured online bank account.

The browser automatically indicates a badge if you visit any Progressive Web app site. If you do regular works at Google Sheets or any other Web App, then the Browser will give you the best web app experience ever.

Secret Mode

Secret Mode or Private Incognito Mode in Samsung Internet

Samsung internet browser has a new privacy feature called Secret Mode. In secret mode, the browser does not reveal your browsing data to anyone. It is more like the Incognito mode in Chrome, which doesn’t list your browsing history, cookies, and caches.

360˚ Video Support and Gear VR Optimization

The Samsung browser supports 360˚ videos, which are used for Virtual Reality sets. You can also watch it simply and navigate through the video using your finger. The browser also provides VR support, which means while wearing a headset, you can control your browser surf, and much more in VR.

Quick Menu

Options Menu available in Samsung Internet Mobile Browser

Samsung Internet Browser has introduced a new Quick Menu, which can be disabled at any time you want, but the menu provides users fast access to resourceful links and features.

Note: You can also change these toggles according to your preference. You can do so by holding these toggles until a new settings menu opens.

Customize Menu and Settings tabs in Samsung Internet Browser


Favorites and Bookmarks in Samsung Internet

If you’re like me, then you would like to keep website bookmarks in case you want to read a few pages later. It is excellent that the Samsung Internet Browser has bookmark support along with active sync support. So no matter which device you use, your bookmarks are always with you.


Downloads Folder in Samsung Internet

You can see your active downloads here. If you wish to delete any of these downloads, then you can hold on to the download entry and press on the Delete command button.


Browsing History tabs in Internet Browser

History is a trail of all the online activities you do on your device. In case you want to view the history to see what previous website you have visited, then you can go to the History tab and check accordingly. You can also delete multiple entries from history if you wish to.

Ad blockers

Install Ad Blockers in Samsung Internet Browser

The Browser has an in-built extension that blocks all the trackers and makes your browser more secure and private. This will prevent you from seeing any unwanted ads or annoying ads. There are several add-ons that you can install on the browser.


Install and Enable Add-ons in Samsung Internet Mobile Browser

Add-ons are special features exclusively on the Samsung Internet browser. Think of them as Chrome extensions.

These are unique features that you can add to your browser to get exclusive functionality. One of the popular add-ons is Ad Blocker and Amazon assistant.

Find on Page

Samsung Internet Find on Page

If you like to research on the internet regarding a few topics, then this option will undoubtedly catch your eye. You can search for specific keywords or phrases on your webpage. And it will highlight relevant keywords accordingly. It is ideal if you want to finish your science homework or are looking for specific answers.

Dark Mode

Forced Dark Mode UI in Samsung Internet

The dark mode is pretty self-explanatory! In dark mode, the browser will adapt all web pages into a slightly darker shade to protect your eyes. It is very beneficial if you browse the internet, mostly at night. And dark mode works flawlessly on major websites like Youtube, Facebook, Quora, and as well.

Ultra Power Saving

As the name suggests, the Ultra Power Saving mode extends the battery life. When enabled, the mode to minimize the running processes work within the Samsung Internet browser, hence makes your battery last longer.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Browser

Though Samsung Internet Browser is not as highly used as Google Chrome and Firefox, the browser has some exceptional features with the fastest browsing speed. Since it is based on Chromium, it achieves the same efficiency of surfing on the web as Google Chrome. It also supports 360˚ videos and a VR headset, which means you can play online web games in VR.

The Samsung browser has an inbuilt adblocker and supports 3rd-party applications for content blocking and filtering. You can use other apps like AdGuard, etc, to blacklist websites. Also, modes like High contrast mode gives you more accessibility.

Ultra Saving Mode keeps your device running for an extended period by minimizing the current running browsing processes. It solves the issue of browsers consuming too much CPU and battery usage.

Overall Samsung Internet browser is a great option if you are thinking about switching from Chrome. Since Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers work on the same engine, the speed is the same. The newly added features in the Samsung browser makes it a superior choice.

I briefed my father on all the new features available on the Samsung browser so that he has a fair choice between Google Chrome and the Samsung browser. He chose the latter, however! I hope this article helps you make a choice too.

Do let us know your favorite between Chrome and the Samsung browser in the comments below.

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