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How to Customize Theme and Appearance on Samsung Internet?

Learn how to customize appearance and switch between dark/light mode on Samsung Internet. You can customize the font size, menus, homepage URL, etc.

The theme works positively to enhance the look and feel of the web browser. Samsung Internet browser doesn’t offer a lot of theme options. But the basic light mode and dark theme are available by default. The dark mode will make it easy for you to browse at night time and put less burden on your eyes.

The dark mode feature of the Samsung Internet simply transforms the color of the webpage into a dark theme. The developer’s team of Samsung Internet has worked hard to make Samsung Internet’s dark mode user-friendly and consume less power as well.

Yesterday, I was working with one of my college friends. He was very comfortable using his mobile phone at night time. While I was struggling because of the white light produced by the Samsung Internet. I have shared my problem with him and he tells me about the dark mode feature of the Samsung Internet along with some other appearance settings that can be applied to enhance the browsing experience.

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Apart from themes, the Samsung Internet also offers the options to customize the appearance and menu. You can control how the menu list should look and also the web page that loads within the browser.

Enable Dark Mode in Samsung Internet

By default, Samsung Internet is enabled with the light theme. If you have different tastes or needs then you can enable the dark mode on the Samsung Internet easily.

Here are the steps to enable the dark mode feature in Samsung Internet:

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet browser.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3bar icon to open the menu list.
  3. Choose the Dark mode command button within the menu list.
    Enable Dark Mode in Samsung Internet

The dark mode will be enabled on your Samsung Internet browser. Now your browser will not only look beautiful and appealing but also consume less power. You can always switch back to the light theme using the same option.

Customize the Appearance in Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet has made it possible to customize the webpage text size and menu as per the preferences. The future to customize menu is not available even on the big players like Google Chrome or Edge browser.

Here are the steps to customize the appearance of the Samsung Internet browser:

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet browser.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3bar icon to open the menu list.
  3. Choose the Settings menu option.
    Samsung Settings menu
  4. Select Appearance menu from the General section.
    Samsung Internet Appearance menuYou will be displayed with a list of appearance customization settings.
    Samsung Internet Appearance Setting Options
  5. Choose Webpage text size to enlarge or minimize the text size on the web page.
    Customize Webpage Text Size in Samsung Internet
  6. Choose Customize menu to move and organize the menu options under horizontal 3bar icon from home screen.
    Customize Menu location in Samsung Internet

Apart from these two customization options, you can also access control the force zoom on web pages and request desktop sites. It also offers a very interesting feature to show open tabs below the address bar which is available only on desktop browsers.

You can also customize the homepage or home icon URL to load the custom webpage instead of quick access links.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Theme and Appearance

Samsung Internet is quite customizable when compared to other mobile browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It offers you a dark mode feature that enhances your browser experience along with the option to customize the options menu and tabbing feature.

I am a fan of Samsung Internet’s dark mode feature as it helps in saving the battery. I have also customized the web page font size as per my convenience, now I can read blogs without putting any strain on my eyes.

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What do you think about the appearance customization that Samsung Internet offers? Do you prefer using the dark mode or light theme?

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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4 thoughts on “How to Customize Theme and Appearance on Samsung Internet?”

  1. Barbara

    These instructions don’t work on they phone. Mine was completely different.

    1. Editor

      Barbara, the Samsung Internet browser has recently made the changes to appearances settings, we are in the process to update this article. Thank you!

  2. This guide was useful. I was also looking for a way to change the color of the URLs visited to make them appear a different color. Please let me know if there is such a way. Thanks.

    1. Editor

      Hi Gav, it’s not possible at least for now. The URL colors are basically sources from the website theme tag. It’s technical and something not possible from user’s end.

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