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How to Change Homepage URL on Samsung Internet?

Learn how to set up and change the homepage URL on the Samsung Internet browser. We can customize and set a home icon URL to a blog or corporate site per need.

Most people have a list of their favorite websites which they visit more often when they open Samsung Internet. Have you ever thought about adding your favorite website or business/corporate URL as your homepage? You can of course set the URL of the website as a Homepage which you visit more often.

One of the advantages of changing the homepage URL is that it will save a lot of time as well as your efforts. I have changed the default homepage URL to my blog URL. So whenever I launch the Samsung Internet the first thing I notice is my blog. Now I need not enter the URL of my blog each time.

You can change the Samsung Internet homepage URL to the frequently visited sites, social media accounts, search engines, and so on.

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The default homepage is set to quick access links and news aggregator sites which is not very friendly. However, I also prefer to changing it to a default search engine. But, it’s a completely personal choice as to what you want to set as.

Change the Homepage in Samsung Internet

You can change the homepage URL on Samsung Internet from the General Settings menu. You can set your preferred site URL as the default homepage or can also set a search engine.

Here are the steps to change the Home icon and Homepage URL in Samsung Internet:

  1. Launch Samsung Internet on your Android device.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3bar icon for menu list.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
    Samsung Settings menu
  4. Tap on the Homepage option under the General section.
    Homepage Settings in Samsung Internet
  5. Switch to the Custom page option.
    Custom Homepage selection on Samsung InternetThis will open an empty address field.
  6. Enter the URL of the website which you want to set as your homepage.
    Enter Homepage Address URL in Samsung Internet
  7. Hit on Save button.

This will immediately apply the entered URL as Samsung Internet’s homepage. Now if you tap on the Home icon or open a new tab, it will automatically load the custom homepage URL in Samsung Internet instead of the default quick access page.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Homepage URL

By default, the homepage of the Samsung Internet is set to quick access. Quick access provides access to some of the popular web links. You can also set the homepage to the most visited pages or news feed. Apart from that, you can also set the homepage to the preferred search engine.

This feature can help you a lot if you visit a specific website most of the time, I have followed the above steps to set my blog as the default homepage of the Samsung Internet.

You can also change or modify the newly set URL of the homepage or switch back to a quick access page. You can quickly tap on the Home icon located on the menu bar to open the Homepage URL.

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What do think about the feature to change the Homepage URL? Have do change the Samsung Internet’s Homepage? What is the new website URL that you’ve set?

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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