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How to Get Rid of Samsung Internet Browser?

Many of the users opt for Google Chrome over Samsung Internet on any of their Samsung devices. If you are also one of those then tap on the settings of your Samsung device, go to the Apps, open Samsung Internet and hit uninstall option and delete the Samsung Internet Browser permanently from your device.

Samsung smartphones, especially the ones with One UI skins, come with another browser along with Google Chrome. Although some, including me, find the Samsung internet browser as far more useful than Chrome, some might find it not useful.

Even most of my friends prefer Google Chrome because it offers more features like device migrations, synchronizing data, etc. So if you want to get rid of the Samsung Internet browser, you can do it.

Yes, you can uninstall the app easily from the Samsung Phone because it’s not installed as a system app (core app) on many devices. It’s installed like a normal app that can be uninstalled or reinstalled easily from Google Play Store.

Please note that not all Samsung Phones allow to uninstall the Samsung Internet browser. In such a case, you can opt for Disable option.

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For some reason, the Samsung browser takes around 700MB due to cache and storage after continuous usage, which is a serious deal if you’re constrained by storage space. Let’s see how you can remove the Samsung Internet Browser app from any Samsung Phone or Galaxy Phone.

Delete Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung internet might not be the browser you want, and in this case, it’s ideal for uninstalling it from your device as there are many other capable browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. which can give you much better security and browsing features.

Many users have a misconception that the Samsung Internet browser can-not be un-installed. But it is untrue, and here is how you can get rid of the Samsung Intenet browser very easily.

Method 1: Uninstall from the App drawer

You can simply uninstall this app from the app drawer (or) All apps menu. This is an easy method and requires little to no expertise.

Here are the steps to uninstall the Samsung Internet browser from the App drawer:

  1. Unlock the Samsung Phone.
  2. Swipe up on the home screen to access All Apps from the app drawer.
  3. Find the Internet app and long-press to get a quick options menu.
  4. Now tap on the Uninstall icon on top of the pop-up menu.
    Uninstall the Samsung Internet App from App Drawer
  5. Confirm your action, and it will remove that app.

This will immediately uninstall the Internet app from Samsung Phone and also remove the storage space occupied. This will save almost 700MB of storage space.

Method 2: From Settings

You can also uninstall the app from the settings if you cannot uninstall it from the app drawer for some reason.

Here are the steps to remove Samsung Internet from system settings:

  1. Unlock your Samsung Phone.
  2. Open the Settings app, scroll down, and tap on Apps.
    Samsung Mobile Apps Settings Tab
  3. Now, if there are only a few apps, you should open the All apps menu bar.
  4. Scroll down to Samsung Internet and tap on it.
    Samsung Internet within App Settings
  5. From the app info page, tap on Uninstall, and confirm your action.
    Uninstall Internet App from Samsung Settings

So this will also remove the Samsung browser from your galaxy smartphone permanently. Any storage and files will also be deleted.

Method 3: Disable the App Drawer

Not every Samsung Phone allows you to uninstall the Internet app. For example, the premium Galaxy S series add the Samsung Internet as a System app that cannot be uninstalled normally.

However, you can disable the Internet app to hide from the Samsung phone. This work very similar to the uninstalled app, though the files are still available on phone.

Here are the steps to Disable and Hide the Samsung Internet browser:

  1. Unlock the Samsung Phone.
  2. Open the App Drawer by swiping up on the Home screen.
  3. Find the Internet app, and long-press to get a quick options menu.
  4. Tap on the Disable icon on top of the pop-up menu.

This will hide the Internet app from the Phone but the storage space will still be occupied. Perhaps, you should consider clearing the browser cache and site data before disabling the Samsung Internet.

Reinstall Samsung Internet

For some reason, if you changed your mind and want to install it back. You can simply search for the app in the Play store and install on your phone and use it again if you wish. But here’s a Play Store link in case you need it.

Download Samsung Internet

Although it’s wise to note, that this app works on One UI devices and supports any Android phone. It may not be supported on all phones and UI, hence cannot install on a few devices manufacturer.

If you try, it may show that the app is not a compatible error on the play store. Even sideloading APK won’t work, so don’t waste your time.

Bottom Line: Remove Samsung Internet

Getting rid of the Samsung Internet browser from your Samsung smartphone is easy. Since it’s One UI, the Samsung Browser is not a system app. Hence you can easily uninstall the app as you would normally uninstall any of your other apps. However, few premium phones like the Galaxy S series do not allow to uninstall, in such a case, you can disable the app.

There are multiple other options of web browsers that you can install on your Samsung Mobile. Since Samsung is running on Android OS in the backend, there are tonnes of web browsers that are better than the Internet App.

Personally, I prefer using the Google Chrome app for its usability, connectivity, and synchronization across the Google Account signed-in devices. This makes it the #1 browser on Android phones.

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What do you think about the Samsung mobiles’ ability to allow Internet app removal without rooting or using third-party apps?

FAQs: Delete Samsung Internet Browser

Now, let us go through various frequently asked questions regarding how to delete the Samsung Internet Browser.

What are the different ways to delete the Samsung Internet Browser?

The major ways to delete the Samsung Internet Browser include, uninstalling it from the App drawer, Unsiatlling from Settings, or disabling it from the App Drawer.

How to uninstall the Samsung Browser from Settings?

Launch your Samsung Device and open its Settings. Now scroll down and open the Apps section where you need to search for Samsung Internet. Tap on it and hit on Uninstall option at the bottom.

How to uninstall the Samsung Internet Browser from App Drawer?

Unlock your Samsung device and swipe up or side to open your App Drawer. Now, long-press the icon of the Samsung Internet app and hit on Uninstall.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

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28 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Samsung Internet Browser?”

  1. Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky pro will not allow one to uninstall using either way.
    Guess Ill find an app like AVG to get rid of it maybe?
    Also has Samsung members and Samsung Members V1 that are storage hogs. Like to know if/how one can remove either or both of them without suffering from operating issues?

  2. Not all Samsung devices let you uninstall the Samsung browser.

    1. Beth Livi

      True, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Nowhere is there an uninstall selection.

      1. Mike Pignone

        I can’t even find a way to disable it from S8+

      2. Psythik

        You can uninstall any app with ADB an a USB cable. Google it.

      3. Psythik

        You can uninstall any app with ADB and a USB cable. Google what ADB is. It seems like some hacking into the Matrix kind of stuff but it’s actually really easy to use.

    2. We ric

      The Galaxy A20 will not let you uninstall the app

      1. Editor Staff

        Yes, certain models requires the root permissions to uninstall the Samsung Internet browser. They are set as System apps which explicitly need root access.

        1. True, you must root “A20” to uninstall, but this will void the warranty. Actually, rooting the device is what voids the warranty. But, once you root, there are a number of Samsung and Google apps that can be uninstalled.

          1. Donna

            If you can’t uninstall Samsung internet how so you get rid of an unwanted video that keeps popping up? Please help.

        2. Peter S

          Samsung S20 FE does not allow removal of this app. Can only Open or Force Stop it. Appears to be a protected system app now.

          1. Editor Staff

            Unfortunately, that’s correct, Peter!

        3. Peter

          I can’t get rid of Samsung internet i follow your instructions still there with annoying notifications in the notification bar maybe I need to take it to a store maybe they can figure out

        4. James

          I cannot uninstall Samsung Internet from my S8 but I was able to set another app as my default browser.

          1. Editor

            Hello James, you can actually disable the Samsung Internet browser from your Galaxy phone.

          2. galaxy j7 700t can’t uninstall or disable. and it keeps resetting itself as default browser! delete data, and it comes back! held hostage by an app! is root the only way?

            1. Editor

              I guess so! Samsung is bloated with tonnes of apps from its own Galaxy app store. It’s kind of annoying.

          3. Justme

            I was really hoping you wpuld be right and I could finally get that garbage browser off my phones. But sadly, no. Its still there. The “unistall” option is gray and inactive. And even after I disable it, remove any and all permissions, have Firefox set as my default browser the god damn thinv still keeps popping open for links in Facebook messenger. I have 3 brand new Samsung phones, two S21’s and a S20 Note Ultra. This Samsung browser is like a stalkinv ghost that won’t go away!

            1. Kimberly

              Any idea of how to disable or uninstall Samsung internet from SM-A102U ?

            2. Chris

              I have the tab an S2 and uninstall is not allowed. So I’ve disabled it and put the icon on its own on page 5 of the apps view.
              I’ve also downloaded Duckduckgo as my browser and as my search engine. Nice and private Google is not your friend people!

            3. Diana

              I hate that I am forced to use this app. Hate it and all of the pop ups! Going to see if the store can wipe the phone and I can start over?

            4. I will never buy a Samsung phone again unless they give us an option to uninstall!! This is not a threat just reality!!

              1. Psythik

                You can uninstall any app from any phone with ADB. It seems daunting at first but it’s actually really easy to use.

            5. Jim lenon

              Uninstallsamsunginternet don’t want it on my phone can’t get rid of it it has my old email address and it screwes up my phone trying to get rid of old email address but it is stuck to your account Samsung needs to get rid of both

            6. Craig

              I have a Samsung S9 and it won’t let me disable or uninstall. If I use chrome the Samsung internet goes crazy and pops up all these horoscope screens and the like .if I use duck duck. Is a little better but I’ll be on Facebook or doing something and the S internet just pops up and can’t get anything done ,it’s horrible. I’m not sure I can use that tool or not. Is there an easy way ?? Also if I clear data and casch and change options to nothing allowed . They come back
              from location and phone .. I say no and it all comes back I uninstall updates to it .it comes back ugh !!! Thanks

              1. Editor

                Hi Craig, looks like your Samsung Internet (or S9) is infested with Malware. Did you install any app outside the play store?

                Anyways, I’d recommend clearing the cookies cache of the Samsung Internet browser (which I see you’ve already done). If the issue persists, you need to format and reset the phone itself.

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