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How to Add Shortcut Link on Home Screen in Safari iPhone & iPad

Learn how to create a shortcut link with an icon on the home screen in the Safari on the iPhone or iPad. The shortcut links will open in the safari browser.

The Apple Safari browser on iPhone and iPad offers a feature where we can create a shortcut link to a website and add it directly onto the home screen. On clicking the shortcut link, the website will launch automatically in the Safari browser on your device. We can customize the shortcut link name and move it to the desired location on the homescreen.

Add Shortcut Links on Home Screen using Safari browser

Everyone has a favorite blog or website that we frequently visit. For example, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are always on your screen. But, if you’re a person like me who wants to keep the phone smooth and do not like apps, then you may rely mainly on the browser.

In that case, we can bookmark the link in the browser. But again, that’s a two-step process wherein you need to open a browser and tap on the bookmark to open the page.

However, the Safari browser for iPhone and iPad has the feature to create shortcut links that will be added to the home screen page. Tapping on these shortcut bookmark links directly launches the browser and web page. This link will act as a shortcut link.

The home screen shortcut will also have the site favicon to recognize easily. It also allows moving the link to different home screen pages.

info icon
Editor’s note: please refer to add Safari browser on the home screen if you looking the same. Instead of adding the website shortcut link in the following guide.

Add Website Link to Home Screen

The website shortcut link on the home screen can help quickly launch the website page without launching the Safari browser and searching for the bookmark or page. With one single tap, the website is loaded on the Safari browser screen.

Here are the steps to create a shortcut link on Safari for iPad or iPhone:

  1. Launch the Safari app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the Website URL you want to add as a shortcut link on the home screen.
  3. Tap on the Share apple share icon command.
  4. Select the Add to Home Screen action command from the available list of options.
    Add to Home Screen option on Safari for iPhone
  5. Customize the Title Name if needed and tap the Add command to place the shortcut link on Home Screen.
    Add to Home Screen link from Safari iPhone

It will create a shortcut link on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad with the website icon and title. If you tap on the icon, it will launch the Safari browser with the same website shortcut.

To remove the shortcut link, press and hold the link icon for options and select the Delete bookmark command to delete. You can also use the Share Bookmark using any medium, but only the link will be shared.

Delete Bookmark Shortcut Link for Safari iPhone

Similar options are also available on the iPad to add and customize the home screen shortcut link.

Add to Home Screen from Safari on iOS and iPadOS

Bottom Line

The Safari browser is impressive in terms of customization and user-friendly feature. Adding a shortcut link to the home screen is one such feature that has proved helpful to most of its users.

Whenever the users feel like they do not have any further uses for the shortcut link created, thus can remove it by long-pressing the icon and hitting the delete bookmark action command.

Similarly, you can also create a website link as a desktop shortcut on Safari Mac. That works very similar to the mentioned Safari iPhone.

How often do you create a shortcut link for your apps or websites? Which apps or websites make it to the list?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Add Shortcut Link on Home Screen in Safari iPhone & iPad, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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