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Translate a Webpage Content in Opera on the Computer

The Opera browser has no built-in feature to auto-translate a webpage into a readable language.

However, we can use the Opera Add-on known as Google Translate (not made by Google), available for free, to support translating web pages into understandable language per preferred settings.

In this guide, I have shared written instruction about:

Translate a Page Content in Opera app

Unfortunately, the Opera browser doesn’t support native translation. Hence, we have to rely on third-party add-ons like Google Translate.

With the Google Translate – Opera browser add-on, we can translate the webpage into a known language. Here are the steps to install the Translate add-on and convert the page content:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Menu opera logo in the top-left corner.
  3. Click on Extensions from the drop-down list and select Get Extensions.
    It will display the Opera add-ons stored in a new tab.
  4. Search for Google Translate in the add-on search bar.
    We have added the direct link below.
  5. Click on + Add to Opera in the right corner.
    Google Translate Add-on on Opera Browser
  6. Select the Google Translate add-on from the plugin add-ons.
    Google Translate Extension on Opera BrowserA dialog box will open for translation.
  7. Paste the phrase or sentence you want to translate, and then click the Translate button.
    Google Translate Opera Add-on Translation Window

Alternatively, you can open the desired foreign website and select the text you want translated. By doing so, Google Translate automatically recognizes it for you and translates the text to your desired language.

We can also use the keyboard shortcut — Alt + Ctrl + P to auto-translate entire webpage within the Opera browser.

Translation Shortcut in Opera Browser for Google Translate Add-on

These methods will help in the successful translation of any web page that you want.

If you want the process to be less cumbersome, you can select or copy a long piece of content or use the keyboard shortcuts, and your job will be done in a few minutes.

Download Google Translate

Bottom Line

The add-ons provide additional support and services to Opera, which are not readily available in the browser. Google Translate is an excellent way to translate texts, phrases, or web pages.

After installing the Translation extensions, you can click the Translate icon or use the keyboard shortcut to convert the page text into the desired output language.

However, there are certain limitations, as every other translation service does; it cannot translate the text within the images or pictures.

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