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How to Unblock and Allow Pop-ups in Safari Mac?

The Safari browser allows customizing the pop-ups windows from the websites. We can allow pop-ups from selected websites or even all the websites on Apple Safari. The option to enable pop-up is available under the Safari Websites Preferences tab. Within the Pop-up Window option, we can choose the currently open website or unblock all the sites from the Pop-up window blocker.

Many users generally prefer to block the pop-ups in their browser window. That’s because pop-up windows are usually a significant source of distraction and could also be used as a medium to display intrusive ads or even carry out phishing attacks or scams.

Hence, disabling Safari pop-ups is customarily the first course of action to get a disruption-free work environment. However, completely blocking them could also result in few issues.

Many sites (such as banks, colleges, and shopping domains) use these pop-ups to display essential user interactive elements.

From completing your online payment to subscribing to the newsletter via email or even interacting with a customer support chat screen, all these tasks are usually carried out through the pop-up menus.

As a result, you might come across a few instances when you might need to re-enable them. And in this guide, we will show you how to disable these pop-up blockers on Safari.

Here are detailed instructions to help you unblock and allow pop-ups in the Safari browser on your Mac.

Unblock and Allow Pop-ups in Safari Mac

There are two different approaches that you could take in this regard- either unblock and allow pop-ups from all the websites or take more granular controls over the same.

In the latter method, you have the option to allow pop-ups from just a few sites of your choice and keep it disabled for all the other ones. We have listed the instructions for both these methods; you may refer to the one that falls in sync with your requirements.

Here are the steps to allow pop-ups on Safari MacOS:

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on the Mac computer.
  2. Select Safari from the menubar options.
  3. Choose the Preferences… option under the Safari menu.
    Preferences menu under Safari menubarIt will launch the Safari Preferences window.
  4. Switch to the Websites tab within the Preferences window.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Pop-up Windows option in the left sidebar.
    Websites Preferences tab with Pop-up windows option in Safari browser
  6. Within the Currently Open Websites section, change the drop-down to Allow option.

That’s it, and you will now receive pop-ups from the allowed website site.

On the other hand, if you wish to get pop-ups from all the websites, click on the drop-down menu next to When visiting other websites and select the Allow option.

Allow all website when visiting to show pop-up windows on Safari

It will change the setting on the Safari browser allowing the pop-ups from all websites. However, allowing pop-ups from all websites you visit is not recommended for security reasons.

Bottom Line: Unblock Pop-ups Safari

So those were the steps to unblock and allow pop-ups in the Safari browser on your Mac. We have discussed the use-case scenarios- getting pop-ups from individual sites and all the websites you visit.

While the general notion is to keep these pop-ups in their disabled state, as discussed before, they might become the need of the hour in some instances.

And in those cases, you should consider re-enabling them- if not for all, then at least for the site you are currently interacting on Safari.

On that note, we round off this tutorial on disabling pop-up blockers in Safari Mac. If you have any queries concerning the instructions mentioned above, do let us know.

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