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How to Use Chrome Actions? List of Useful Actions

The Chrome Actions are the commands that can be typed into the Chrome address bar or Omnibox to perform certain functions and actions within the browser. It can also be used for commanding menus, settings, navigations, and various actions in the Google Chrome browser. We have listed some most useful action commands.

The Chrome browser comes baked in with a plethora of nifty features. While that’s all well and good, what isn’t is the fact that accessing them is no easy task. Quite recently, I was about to purchase a product. Right at the checkout page, I realized I needed to update my saved payment information.

I clicked on More vertical 3dots icon > Settings, scrolled to the Autofill section, accessed the Payment Methods page, and made the desired changes. But by then, the product was already out of stock.

This is just one of the many instances where one feels there could have been a more straightforward approach to accessing a particular setting.

It turns out that with the Chrome v87, that is very much a possibility, all thanks to the new Action feature. But what is Chrome Actions, and how could you use it?

What are Chrome Actions?

The Chrome Actions feature lets you quickly access most browser features and settings directly from the address bar. You need to type in the name of the task that you need to perform in the Omnibox and select Chrome Action from the list.

Chrome Action to Clear Browsing Data

Furthermore, each task has been assigned two or more actions. This gives more options to the end-user as they don’t have to focus on just one command explicitly.

For example, suppose you wish to delete your browsing history. In that case, you may use any of the five actions: erase history, erase history browser, erase history browsing, erase history chrome, or delete history.

List of useful chrome actions to memorize

On that note, let’s now get acquainted with the various Chrome Actions.

List of Useful Chrome Actions

While it’s practically impossible to list out all the Chrome Actions (there are over 15,000 of them), here are some of the most useful ones you might need regularly.

However, check out this Chromium Source page if you wish to get acquainted with all Chrome Actions.

How to Use Chrome Actions?

Now that you know the various Chrome Actions, let’s understand their usage instructions with the help of an example.

Suppose you wish to update the chrome browser, then generally visit the about chrome page for auto-updating.

Instead, here are the steps to use the Chrome Actions for updating Chrome:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Within the Address bar, type in update browser or update google chrome.
    Update Google Chrome quick chrome action
  3. Select the chrome action — chrome-logo Update Chrome from the visible list.

You shall now be taken directly to the required page, About Chrome and the update is then just a click away.

Bottom Line: Chrome Actions

So this was all from this guide on Chrome Actions and the steps to fully use the same. This is a valuable addition to the browser’s rich collection of feature sets.

There’s no better way to document its importance than the fact that just a primary task of deleting Chrome data generally requires around four clicks and countless many scrolls. But with the help of Chrome Action erase chrome data, you can now do this in just a single hit.

There are countless examples, so teaching them in your daily browsing will prove to be a time saver.

What are your views on Chrome Actions? Do let us know what your favorite actions that you’ve memorized are.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to Use Chrome Actions? List of Useful Actions, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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