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How to View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android

Chrome for Android offers a feature to configure the site-specific settings in the browser. We can configure the permissions and access the website can have while browsing. The browser also offers an option to view site security information like connection security, certificate authenticity, etc., to stay safe while browsing.

View Site Info and Settings on Chrome browser

I prefer using the Chrome browser on the Android phone rather than native apps. For example, I use,, and other social media websites on the default Android browser instead of the apps. The primary reason for doing so was to keep my phone’s storage free, which also helped increase my phone’s performance.

However, visiting the website within the browser is quite risky sometimes. Let’s say you’re making an online purchase; you’re unsure if any injected scripts are tracking the site or keeping an eye on the records. That’s where the site settings of Chrome come into play.

Any website that you’re browsing through has some security certification information. You can easily view the site information and configure the settings in Chrome Android.

The Site Settings includes access to various built-in features in Android like notification permissions, camera, microphone access, javascript settings, etc. Since you’re the boss of your phone, you can have total control of the sites that should have access to your information.

View Site Information

The site information contains the certificate and connection information of any website. Most sites require a secure connection between the client’s browser and the website server. The site information helps to understand the level of security implementation. It can be accessed under Chrome site settings.

Here are the steps to view the site information and certification in Chrome Android:

  1. Launch the Chrome Browser on Android.
  2. Open a website where you want to view the site information.
  3. Tap on More vertical 3dots icon for the options menu.
  4. Select the Information icon from the list at the top.
    Site Information Icon Chrome Android
  5. You can view the site security information and access the Certificate from the Details link.
    Site Information Details Link Chrome Android

The Certificate has information like certificate validity, valid domains, organization name, security keys, serial number, etc.

Site Information Certificate Details Chrome Android

Though this information is not helpful in many cases,  it just gives us hope that the website is secured and the connection is encrypted.

If the website connection is unsecured, you might encounter an alert saying — page includes scripts from unauthenticated sources.

Chrome browser load unauthenticated sources script

Configure Site Settings

Chrome Android has multiple levels of access and permissions customization options. You can improve and set up the privacy and security settings using the site settings. Follow these steps to configure:

  1. Open the Chrome Browser on Android.
  2. Access the website where you want to view the site information.
  3. Tap on More vertical 3dots icon for options.
  4. Select the Information icon from the list at the top.
  5. Tap on the link Site Settings available on the popup dialog.
    Chrome Android Site Settings

Here you’ll see the Site settings in Chrome and access the features. You can enable or disable the site settings in Chrome Android based on your needs.

Site Settings in Chrome Android for Pinterest

The site settings, like notification, sound, microphone, camera access, etc., can be enabled or disabled.

Video Demo

Watch this video demo on viewing site information and configure Chrome Site settings to restrict access to features like Sound, Microphone, etc.

Site Settings and View Site Information in Chrome Android, How to do?

Bottom Line

The site settings in Chrome Android allow modifying various permissions and accessing websites within the browser. You can customize and block various privacy permissions.

On the other hand, the site information tab will provide security information about the website. It will help you from falling prey to fraudulent transactions and phishing or scamming websites.

Similarly, you can view and manage site settings in a Chrome computer that almost serves a similar purpose.

Have you ever checked your site settings and site information in Chrome? What are your new default site settings on the Chrome browser?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to View Site Settings and Site Information in Chrome Android, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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