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How to Fix: Load Unsafe Scripts in Chrome browser

Chrome has a built-in firewall system that automatically checks the website’s authenticity. It thoroughly verifies the security reliability before loading on the user’s end. If there is any issue with the script, then Chrome will alert, saying, “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized source”, with load unsafe script button. Please proceed with caution.

When we browse websites, we may receive the alert that we are heading toward an unsafe website. These alerts are from the built-in firewalls in browsers that help prevent from being attacked or leading to a phishing site.

One such notice we receive from the Google Chrome browser is that Page is trying to load unsafe scripts from unauthenticated sources.

It happens when we are trying to load a website with https:// or SSL protected, and some content isn’t loaded from a secured protocol. Hence, it results in a shield with a red cross in the URL address bar of your chrome browser.

Though it’s not true in every case, the Chrome browser is trying to protect your information from falling into fraudulent hands and loading unauthenticated source scripts, which are less secure.

I have often encountered a sign that warns about a potentially unsafe website and displays the notice of loading unsafe scripts. Although I never really understood its purpose, I decided to read more about it to understand it better.

The built-in chrome firewall or shield blocks insecure scripts, ads, or trackers that are unsafe. SSL-certified websites are safe as they create an encrypted connection between the user and the web page host. But sometimes, these encrypted sites may get compromised, and the hacker might have injected an unsafe script.

Why Chrome Shield sites?

The shield appears because Chrome cannot recognize some of the elements of the page as trusted and authentic. It is pretty standard for a website that hasn’t upgraded to a secured connection protocol, and there is nothing to worry about as a user.


Let’s take an example for a better understanding.

Suppose you visit a web page that is https:// protected, and the page contains links that aren’t SSL protected or served from http:// protocol, and then the browser will have a view of “mixed content”.

The browser defines the links as untrusted, thus, showing the broken shield symbol. It can occur due to the addition of spammy links, images, or even links from trusted sources that Google cannot verify as authentic.

There can be cases when your browser extension is blocking the web content and has a page loading issue, leading to an unsecured connection and displaying the sign that reads unsafe load-scripts. But, these instances are rare, and few are almost negligible.

Is SSL Certificate Secured?

Of course, it is much safer to visit SSL-protected pages compared to one without protection.

If the site is not SSL certified, then Chrome would not have identified any scripts; hence, it’s unsafe to visit the site. You can verify whether the site’s connection is secure by clicking on the https:// or padlock padlock icon in the URL bar, and then click on Certificate to know more.

BrowserHow SSL Certificate Details in Chrome browser

It also depends on the site you are visiting. Suppose you visit a content-based site like BrowserHow, and then there is nothing to worry about as we are secured and encrypted.

But if you visit a page asking for your bank or card details like any E-Commerce site, and the site is not SSL-secured, then you need to be safe and avoid entering any transactional information.

info iconNote: You can visit web blogs, small business websites, or other sites that don’t ask for any card credentials. But, avoid giving the bank or personal information on the site which has blocked scripts or shields.

As a search engine, Google promotes only secure sites in its search results; hence, the chances of you visiting an unsafe site will be limited.

Load Unsafe Scripts

If you trust the content and wish to load unsafe scripts in Chrome, then you can. However, I’d refrain from accessing any website dealing with money or collecting personal information.

Hit on Load unsafe scripts, and Chrome will refresh the page and allow blocked elements that include any insecure content. But Chrome will continue displaying the address bar crossed out in red: red https:// indicating an insecure connection.

Chrome browser load unauthenticated sources script

You can also follow the steps mentioned about improving privacy and security in the Chrome browser.

Fix the Unauthenticated Sources

We can do nothing to fix the issue from the user’s perspective apart from loading unsafe scripts and browsing. However, the web developer or web administrator can take a few steps to remove such issues and make the site safe.

Here are the tips for the website owner or developer to fix the Unauthenticated sources and unsafe script errors:

  • Upgrade the connection to https:// protocol. You can consider using the Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt service for free.
  • Embed all the links and media assets with https:// and avoid unsecured protocol; this will also help improve the SEO ranking.
  • You can trace the error source in Google Chrome from the More menu > More Tools > Developer Tools > Console and check for any error code causing the issue.
  • Strictly avoid hosting low-quality third-party ads or scripts. Also, do not use any nulled scripts or templates available online.
  • Frequently scan your server with anti-malware; multiple sites online can check a site and provide reports.
  • Keep your site up-to-date.

The website owner must keep the site safe and secure.

Is BrowserHow Safe?

We use the Cloudflare service on to provide valid SSL certificates and enable W.A.F. protection for greater security. We do not collect personal information unless users drop a comment or contact us (just name and email); please feel free to read our privacy policy. Hence, browsing our blog and reading helpful articles is entirely safe.

Bottom Line: Load Unsafe Scripts Chrome

We live in a generation where our safety is paramount. Our privacy also holds equal importance. A few websites may trap us and steal our money or privacy. Hence, one should know when to spot a fraudulent website. 

I’ve always been skeptical about my privacy, among other things. When I first encountered the sign of loading unsafe scripts in Chrome, I did not know what to do. After my research, I wrote this and understood the website and browser security.

Feel free to share your challenges and resolutions for an unsecured error message that you might encounter in Chrome.

F.A.Q.: Load Insecure Scripts on Chrome

Here we have listed some of the frequently asked questions related to insecure or unsafe script loading on the Google Chrome browser:

What do unauthenticated sources mean in Chrome?

Chrome identifies the authenticity of the 3rd party site that’s trying to load the script on the primary website with less security protocol. It often considers when the page loads assets like images, J.S., videos, etc., in HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

How to load and install the unsafe script on Chrome?

Chrome displays a dialog box with the options to load unsafe scripts. Click the link to view the site with the unsafe script on Chrome.

Does unsafe loading script on Chrome okay?

It depends on which website you’re visiting. If the site deals with transactions, user sign-in, or personal data, it’s recommended to avoid it. At the same time, content-based sites like news, wiki, or blogs can be considered okay.

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    1. I’d suggest checking your Google Chrome console to understand what exactly is causing the issue here.
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  1. I doubt very much if the BBC iplayer is the problem with Unauthenticated Sources and suspect the problem is something else, in my case

    1. Yes, Brian – that could be a possible issue. Check if the BBC iPlayer is playing through https:// URL using inspect element or source code.

  2. My WordPress blog gives me error message like This page is tring to load scripts from unauthenticated source.
    So, i try to find out why this happen and how to solve it?
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