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Fix: Multiple Chrome Processes Threads on Windows Task Manager

Are you watching multiple chrome.exe processes in Windows Task Manager? Learn why there are numerous processes for a single Chrome app.

Suppose multiple Google Chrome Processes on Task Manager are causing you problems and slowing down your device. In that case, you can dive into Windows Task Manager and End unwanted tasks.

You can apply some Chrome fixes like re-configuring Chrome Launcher and killing the idle processes. Each process also represents the browser extensions.

Google Chrome chrome.exe processes in Task Manager

In this guide, we have shared different methods to fix the multiple Chrome Processes threads.

Method 1: Reconfigure Chrome Launcher

As I already mentioned, Chrome, by default, is configured to run different processes for each open tab in the browser. So we can first reconfigure Chrome to run a single extensive process for the tabs.

  1. Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut in Desktop for menu options.
    If you don’t already, please create a Chrome shortcut link.
  2. Choose the Properties menu.
    Chrome Properties option in Windows OS
  3. Switch to the Shortcut tab under Chrome properties.
    Chrome Properties Shortcut Window
  4. Add the following command at the end of the text field within the Target:

    Chrome Properties Target Link Field

  5. Hit on the Apply button and then OK to save the changes.

The method will configure Chrome to run a single process for the open tabs. It eliminates Chrome processes from crowding your task manager, so please remember that this doesn’t affect the tabs or programs in any way.

Method 2: Eliminate the Idle Chrome Processes

This method can be used to conserve resources in case you find that the processes by Chrome are slowing down your system to end idle processes. It can be done using Chrome’s built-in task manager.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and then open a new tab.
  2. Key press shift + esc keyboard shortcut.
    this will bring up the built-in task manager of Chrome
  3. Select the idle process that you wish to terminate.
  4. Hit the End Process button at the bottom of the window.
    Chrome Task Manager End Process command button

When applying this method, please remember that ending a process will close the associated tab. So make sure you’re not eliminating the processes that you need.

Bottom Line

The sole reason that Chrome is configured to run a different process for everything in a tab is nothing to be worried about. However, you can modify the Chrome settings and end the unwanted processes.

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