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How to Change Home URL in Edge Computer

Microsoft Edge allows users to set a custom Home URL, which is the webpage displayed when the browser is launched, or the home button is clicked. This feature allows users to access their preferred homepage quickly and can help to improve productivity and convenience while browsing.

Suppose you’re an organization with an internal website listing all tools and technologies. Then you can easily set the page as your home page when you launch the Edge browser and create the link as a Home icon.

I have a personal blog, and I am working on it most of the time for various reasons. It is tough to search for it all the time or go through my bookmarks to find the same. After trying to find a solution, I decided to set my blog as my homepage, which will make everything better for me.

Next time when I launch the Edge browser, the new homepage will load immediately instead of the default new tab page.

The homepage or home icon link makes life easier and helps brand the organization’s corporate or tools sites.

Change the Homepage URL

We all have different requirements, and to suit our needs, Microsoft edge offers the option to change your homepage in Microsoft edge.

Here are the simple steps to change the home page URL in Edge on a computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Switch to the Start, Home, and New Tabs in the sidebar pane.
  5. Choose the Open These Pages toggle button under When Edge Starts.
  6. Select the Add a New Page command button.
  7. Enter the website URL to open as a start-up page.
    Set a Page as Homepage in Edge browser on Computer

This will set a new URL entered in the settings page as the homepage URL for the Edge browser.

Next time, when you launch the Edge browser, the page will start loading instead of the default new tab page with the Edge search bar.

Show Home icon

One should know how to set the home button for the customized URL you have set for the homepage. The setup is quite simple and easy.

Here are the steps to enable the Home button and also change the URL in Edge Computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on Computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Switch to the Appearance tab in the sidebar pane.
  5. Toggle the Show Home button option.
  6. Switch from the New Tab page to the URL field.
  7. Enter the URL that you want to configure for the Home icon.
    Setup and Configure Home Icon URL in Edge Computer Browser

This will display the Home button icon on the Edge browser, and when you click on the Home button, it will take you to the custom URL you’ve configured.

Bottom Line: Computer Browser Icon

To make browsing easier, Microsoft Edge offers the option to customize our homepage URL and enable the home button icon on the Edge browser.

After discovering this feature, I set my homepage as my blog, which I find the most beneficial daily. I no longer had to type its URL in the search button or browse through my bookmarks. It was all so easy.

Similarly, we can also adjust the homepage URL in the Edge Android browser. You can also change the home icon URL in a mobile browser.

I hope the feature to change your home page in Microsoft edge helps you as much as it helped me.

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