How to Enable AdBlock for Samsung Internet Browser?

Learn how to enable AdBlock in Samsung Internet browser using in-built AdBlocker extensions for Samsung Mobile or Galaxy Phone.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can browse without any interruption from advertisements? But the websites these days add pop-ups like every second you click on something, and it directs you to the other websites. Annoying, right! The same happens with banner ads and full-screen advertisements.

Advertisements can annoy you, but the Samsung browser comes with built-in ad-blockers, which can block ads and other harmful scripts to keep your internet activity safe.

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Thankfully, the Samsung Internet browser has built-in support for adblockers that will completely disable the ads from all the websites.

Enable AdBlock on Samsung Internet

The advertisements help generate extra revenue on multiple websites. It’s all about making that extra few pennies.

However, these ads might create hindering in your workflow or daily internet consumption. So it is important to enabling Adblock in the Samsung browser if you don’t want to see any unwanted ad.

Here are the steps to turn on AdBlock in Samsung Internet Browser:

  1. Launch your Samsung Internet Browser.
  2. Tap on the horizontal 3bar icon menu on the bottom right side of your screen.
    Samsung Internet Browser Menu Bar option
  3. Choose the Ad blockers option from the menu list.
    Ad blockers option in Samsung InternetA window with multiple adblocker options will appear on your screen.
  4. Tap on any of the AdBlocker from the list to download.
    Ad Blockers suggestion list in Samsung Internet

It will navigate you to the Play Store, and you can Samsung Internet extension download it from there.

Note: Don’t worry about which one to select. All of these ad blockers are best in class and offer phenomenal ad blocking services, which includes:

  • Blocks annoying pre-roll video ads
  • Blocks ads that hide and then appear
  • Blocks ads that suddenly appear
  • Blocks ads that waste data
  • Blocks sexual ads
  • Blocks tracking
  • Blocks pop-up ads
  • Blocks forced redirects ads

The AdBlocker will help in eliminating all unwanted ads and layout that will help in clearing the browsing experience. However, using the blocker also hurts the publisher’s ads revenue which I kind of displeasing.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Ad Block

Since most of the ads are really annoying and have been a headache for people, AdBlock can help you show the least ads and pop-ups. Not just that AdBlock can protect you from harmful links that contain a virus, ransomware, or any other attacks by hackers.

I personally use AdGuard content blocker because it works so well even on media consumption websites. If you are constantly trusted by the aggressive online ads on different websites, then AdGuard can effectively remove all such ads. Also, it blocks mature ads with its unique algorithm which makes advertisements family-friendly.

It true that when you use adblockers, website revenue will take a massive hit. Because most websites provide free content and use advertisements to cut various operational costs. So in case you like or want to supports websites like “” then you can put such sites in the whitelist option to display ads. We are committed to minimal ads experience.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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