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How to Enable Mobile Site View in Edge on Computer

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Microsoft Edge allows users to see a website as it would appear on a mobile device. This feature can be enabled in Edge on a computer by changing the browser’s screen resolution to responsive mode. The process involves accessing the developer tools, selecting a device toggle, and switching to the desired mobile resolution.

The mobile site view within the Microsoft Edge browser is a great feature. It helps in viewing the small screen responsive site within the desktop screen. Hence, you don’t need a mobile phone to view the mobile site. This feature is helpful if you’re a developer and want to view the mobile site view on a desktop computer browser like Microsoft Edge.

A week before, my best friend, who maintains her own blog, wanted to see how her blog appeared to her readers on various devices. According to her, it helps her track down the look and feel of her blog from different perspectives. It is the best way to analyze its performance.

Microsoft Edge has a built-in developer tools console that allows the switch between mobile view, tablet site, and the full desktop screen without any extensions.

You can also choose the responsive mode and resize the screen width to test the website’s responsiveness over different screen sizes. Edge will give a perfect mobile and navigation experience from the desktop browser.

View Mobile Site on Computer

You can preview the mobile site in the Microsoft Edge browser on any computer device. The developer mode allows you to resize the screen and view tablet and mobile screens. The edge mobile view is a fantastic feature that lets you explore this!

Here are the steps to view the Microsoft edge mobile view:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on a computer.
  2. Open the website that you want to view on the mobile site.
  3. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  4. Hover over the More Tools option from the list.
  5. Select Developer Tools under the More Tools menu.
  6. This will launch the Developer Tools pane in the browser.
  7. Click on the Device toggle icon to enable the mobile site view mode.
    Microsoft Edge Developer Tools View Mobile Site Responsive

This will load the mobile site user interface. You can also choose the model of the device from the device type dropdown menu to select the desired device experience. The edge view provides various options to choose from!

Once you close the developer tools console, the website will reload as a desktop site.

Bottom Line: Microsoft Edge Mobile View

The Microsoft Edge browser helps preview the mobile site on a desktop browser. You can use the developer tools to enable the responsive mode within the Edge to test the mobile site view layout. The developer tools also have the option to choose the preset mobile manufacturer and make testing screen layouts.

When I change this blog, I try to view the effect on different screen sizes. Hence, the developer tools within the Edge computer help enable mobile site view. I also drag the resize bar to adjust and test the screen layout. It also helped my best friend analyze the same for her blog. It gave her a deeper insight into the mind of her viewers. Thus, the edge mobile view could help both of us!

Similarly, you can switch to a desktop site view on the Edge android browser. This will load a complete desktop experience on Edge mobile.

What do you think of using the Edge computer mobile site view? In what cases do you use this feature?

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  1. Does this allow for use like a mobile device? Wondering how to simulate press/long press and other actions on a tablet rather than just behavior like right click/left click on mouse.

  2. somehow this doesn’t fix when you use a Vertical Monitor even if you change into mobile mode . kind of weird it fixes itself when I change to horizontal monitor

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