How to Enable Readers’ Simplified View in Edge Android?

Learn how to enable the reader view or known as simplified view in Microsoft Edge for Android. It displays web content without any design or blocking elements.

These days news sites and blogs are bombarding with tonnes of ads and irrelevant content within the topic of interest. Though we have the option to block the ads, even the content formating and design have been misleading at a time.

Hence, we have an option to enable a reading view or simplified view that will only display the text within the blog or news site and eliminate the rest. This is part of accessibility settings that can be very helpful.

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All the ads, images, and related content are trimmed down and will display on the plain text to consumption. Just like reading a novel or kindle book without any graphics.

How to Enable Reader View in Edge for Android?

The readers’ view is built-in feature within the Edge browser for Android. All you need to enable the feature and start using it.

Follow along with the steps to enable the simplified readers to view in Microsoft Edge for Android browser:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge for Android browser.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the options list.
  4. Scroll down to the Accessibility option, and tap on it.
  5. Enable the checkbox against the Reading view option.

Reading view in Edge Android for simplified text

The option will enable the feature to request the reader view in Edge Android. You can request the reader view by tapping on a reader or book icon from the URL bar.

Within the reader’s view, you have the option to customize font size, color, background, and more.

Bottom Line: Edge Android Readers Mode

As mentioned, the reader view will automatically trim down the useless ads, images, and design to make the webpage look simple and reader-friendly.

A similar feature is also available in the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer. It even helps in reading out the text aloud without any external software program.

What do you think about the Edge Android Readers mode? Do you use it?

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