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How to Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Edge Android

The webpage refresh option typically reloads the page and fetches the files from the local storage, known as a cache. However, to perform a hard refresh, you need to drag down the site screen until you see reload icon in the Edge browser for Android. Alternatively, you can also clear the cache data from the browser and perform a simple reload.

If you’ve made any changes on the website or cannot save your changes, it’s a good idea to copy the content and hard refresh the page. The hard refresh will delete the downloaded assets and re-download the fresh files from the server.

Hard refresh or reloading the website also brings back the connection between the browser and the web server. The page reloading will connect with the online server if you’re accessing offline downloaded files.

Just yesterday, when my sister was trying to load the Instagram webpage, she could not do so. No new posts were getting loaded, and that made her highly furious.

It’s pretty easy to do a hard refresh on Microsoft Edge for Android. All you need is to tap-hold-pull down the browser screen until you see the Reload reload arrow icon icon. A similar feature of hard reload in Google Chrome for Android.

Hard Refresh

The hard refresh edge will delete the existing browser elements and files hence, helps in re-downloading the fresh content from the web server. This will also clear the old cache file from the browser storage space.

Here are the simple steps to hard refresh in Microsoft Edge for Android phones:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge for the Android app.
  2. Open the website that you want to refresh hard
  3. Tap-hold and pull down the screen until you see the reload icon.
  4. Release the touch at the extreme bottom to reload the web page.
    Reload icon in Microsoft Edge Android

After reloading and hard-refreshing the page, the browser will try to reload the fresh content from the web server.

You can also reload the page directly by tapping the Reload icon next to the URL bar in Microsoft Edge for Android.

Tap on the reload icon on Microsoft Edge for Android

Video Demo: Hard Refresh Page in Edge Android

Here is the video demo on performing Edge hard refresh and reloading a web page in Microsoft Edge for Android. The Microsoft edge hard refresh button is beneficial and helps load pages faster.

How to Hard Refresh and Reload Webpage in Edge Android?

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Bottom Line: Edge Android Hard Refresh

The Edge browser for Android has an in-built option to reload hard and refresh the website page. This will help clear the old obsolete data and download fresh files from the server. There are two easy ways to refresh the Edge page for android smartphones.

This also helped my sister to reload her Instagram, and even when I face glitches in the site, I tap-hold and pull down the screen and release it to refresh it. Or the simplest way is to tap on the reload icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Similarly, you can perform a hard refresh in the Edge browser on a computer PC. The files, elements, and cache are cleared for the website on performing the hard refresh edge.

What do you think about the Microsoft edge refresh button? Do you use it frequently?

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