How to Navigate Backward and Forward in Edge Android?

Learn how to navigate to the previous page and move forward to the next page in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) for Android phones using the browser navigation.

This might occur to anyone when they are reading through an article or blog and we click on the link and start reading it. However, we often forget the original topic or page that we came from. Hence, backward navigation helps in moving back to previous pages.

This always happens to me and I understand it after a while. Hence, I hit on the backward navigation button to navigate back to previous pages which I missed to read. Once I am done reading the previous pages, I navigate again to the latest page and continue reading. Here the navigation helps me to move to and fro within the browsing session.

The Microsoft Edge browser does have the forward and backward navigation button that helps in browsing between the pages. It’s quite easy and requires no setup.

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You can also utilize the new tabs feature that can help in breaking the sessions and continue browsing in different tabs without mixing the topics.

How to Navigate Backward in Edge Android?

If you are already reading blogs or news articles and browsed through few pages by hitting on the hyperlinks, then hitting on the previous or back button will take you to the older page.

Here are the steps to move backward or visit previous pages in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge on Android App.
  2. Navigate through few pages.
  3. Tap on the Backward Arrow (←) to access the previous page.

If you keep on hitting the backward navigation button, the navigation will take you until you reach the first page that you had started with.

Navigation button on Microsoft Edge for Android

How to Navigate Forward in Edge Android?

Once you are done with previous pages, then you can continue reading or browsing from the last page using the forward navigation. This will take you to the last page within the session.

Here are the steps to move forward or visit the latest pages in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge Android App.
  2. Navigate through few pages in the backward direction.
  3. Tap on the Forward Arrow (→) to access the latest page.

This will take you to the last page of the navigation from where you have moved backward. The forward navigation is quite useful.

Video on Backward and Forward Navigation in Edge Android

Here is the video tutorial on how to navigate backward and forward in Microsoft Edge for Android.

How to Navigate Backward and Forward in Edge Android?

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Bottom Line: Edge Android Browser Navigation

The Edge (chromium) for Android has integrated navigation that can help in moving forward and backward within the web pages. The forward navigation arrow is disabled on the latest page, while the backward arrow is disabled on the first page.

I use the forward and backward navigation buttons to move swiftly between the pages. Especially when I am reading an article online. It helps me skip back to the previous pages if I want to re-read something that irked my curiosity back then.

Similarly, you can also utilize the browser navigation to move forward and backward in Edge (chromium) on the computer. Navigation is an integral part of web browsing which is similar across all the web browsers.

Can you imagine how it will be without browser navigation in edge android?

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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