How to Reopen the Recent Closed Tabs in Edge Android?

Learn how to reopen the recently closed tabs in Microsoft Edge (chromium) for Android. If you mistakenly closed the tabs, then these steps help to reopen.

Often we close the browser and tabs mistakenly. Later realize that we missed reading through a certain pointer on the webpage. Hence, we tried to reopen the closed tab. This could possibly help in saving the time for looking up the page again in search engines.

Like the Google Chrome for Android, the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) do not have the option to reopen the closed tabs. However, we have a workaround that works exactly the same as reopening closed tabs in Edge for Android. We will be using the history tab to find the topic or website page that we mistakenly closed.

There is no major difference between using a recently closed tab option and using the history tab. Both rely on the same history records that we had browsed.

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The recently closed tab option is available on the Edge browser for desktop and PC, however, it’s missing in the android phone. Hence, we do not have any other option than using the history tab in the android device.

How to Reopen Recently Closed tabs in Edge Android?

As I mentioned, we will be using the History tab to reopen the recent closed which keeps a history log of the sites we have visited. However, this option does not work if you were browsing the websites in private mode on edge android.

Here are the steps to reopen recently closed tabs on Microsoft Edge on Android:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on Android.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select the History icon from the list.
  4. Tap on the website link that you want to reopen.

Reopen recent closed tabs in Edge Android

The list may also contain the active tabs, however, based on the title or website URL you will be able to judge the recently closed tab and reopen in Microsoft Edge.

Video on reopening recently closed tabs in Edge Android

Here is the video demo of reopening the recently closed tabs in the Microsoft Edge browser for Android.

How to Reopen the recent closed tabs Edge Android?

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Bottom Line — Edge Android Reopen Recent Closed

The reopen closed tab option is not readily available in the Edge browser for android phones, but you can use the workaround. All the recently closed websites are logged in the history folder, hence, it’s easy to relaunch any closed tab.

Similarly, you can also reopen a recently closed tab in the Edge computer. The Edge browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS has a built-in command button to reopen closed tabs.

Did you find the reopen closed tabs helpful? Got any other suggestions?

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