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How to Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Edge Computer?

Many times when we are too busy or mistakenly also end up closing some very important tabs. But the next moment we realize that you need that closed tab back so in this case, you can make use of the Edge’s recently closed tabs. To reopen the recently closed tab in Edge Computer, click on the three dots at the top right corner and select history from the menu, and check out the site under the recently closed section. For the older sites, you need to go to the history section.

Most of the time, by mistake or maybe in a hurry we tend to close the tabs in our browser. But, later we realize that we want to refer back to the page that was closed. This happens pretty frequently and may create problems.

If this is the case with you, then the Microsoft Edge browser has a great feature. It’s known as Reopen Closed Tab or Recently Closed tabs. As the name suggests, it will quickly open the recently closed tab within the browser and relaunch the sessions. The recently closed tabs depend on the browsing history to recover the closed websites. Hence, technically it’s not possible to recover the tabs closed in private browsing mode.

A few days back, my brother was working on an important project for his company. He was very anxious already. In a hurry, he closed an important tab that he had been working on and suddenly started yelling my name. He pleaded with me to help him since it was very urgent. I helped him in the best way I could and taught him how to open recently closed tabs.

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There are multiple ways to achieve open previous closed sites, but I prefer the one listed just below.

How to Reopen Recent Closed Tabs in Edge Computer?

If you want to reopen recently closed tabs, the Edge browser offers the option with just one click. I’ve listed two ways below that can help in reopening recently closed tabs.

Alternatively, we can also use the browser history to reopen older closed sites and tabs.

Here are the steps on how to reopen recently closed tabs in the Edge browser:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer.
  2. Click on for more options and a menu.
  3. Hover on the History menu from the options.
  4. Select the Website under the Recently Closed option from the list.

Recently Closed Tab under History Tab in Edge Computer

This will reopen the recently closed tab in the Edge browser on the computer.

There is an alternative way to reopen recently closed tabs which is quite easier, however, you won’t be able to see the list of the tab. Instead, you need to repeat launching recently closed tabs one after the other to find the desired one.

  1. Launch the Edge browser on the computer.
  2. Right-click in the blank Tabs bar.
  3. Select the option Reopen Closed Tab.
  4. Repeat the Reopen Closed Tab action until you find the desired tab.

Reopen Closed Tab in Tabs Bar in Edge Computer

This is easier when you’ve to reopen the previously closed tab, however, if you want to select from the list, then the earlier method should be preferred.

Bottom Line: Edge Reopen Closed Tabs

The recently closed tab is a built-in feature that allows the reopening of accidentally closed sites. If you’ve mistakenly closed the Edge browser, the recently closed tabs will work to reopen. One can also use edge keyboard shortcuts to reopen tabs. On the other hand, we can use the History tab to recover tabs closed before recent ones.

Personally, I use this feature when I accidentally close multiple tabs to keep my browser clutter-free. The recently closed tab help in recovering tabs without worry. By using the same method, I could also help my brother who was in desperate need of my help. He could successfully get back to working on his if project without any worries!

Similarly, you can also reopen recently closed tabs in Edge Android. You can even open recently closed tabs under the browser history section.

The reopening recently closed tab is an extremely helpful feature. How often do you use this feature to open closed tabs?

FAQs: Reopen recently closed tabs in Edge Computer

Now let us go through some frequently asked questions regarding how to reopen the recently closed tabs in Edge Computer

How to reopen the recently closed tab in Edge Computer?

To reopen the recently closed tab in Edge Computer, click on the three dots at the top right corner and select history from the menu, and check out the site under the recently closed section.

What is the alternate way to reopen the recently closed tabs in Edge Computer?

The alternative way to reopen the recently closed tabs in Edge computer is to right-click on the blank Tabs bar. Next select Reopen the recently closed tab to reopen the recently closed tabs. You can repeat the steps till you reach your desired tabs.

Do recently closed tabs consist of the same number of sites that are in History?

No, the recently closed section has a very less number of the recently closed tabs whereas history consists of all the sites that you have browsed.

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  1. Genius

    To reopen the most recently closed tab in Microsoft Edge, right-click on a tab and select “Reopen closed tab”, or press Ctrl+Shift+T on your keyboard. Repeatedly selecting Reopen closed tab, or pressing Ctrl+Shift+T will open previously closed tabs in the order they were closed.

    1. Editor Staff

      Thanks for the summary! Short and sweet.


    Is it just me or did Reopen Closed Tabs disappear from Edge????

    1. Editor Staff

      I just checked on the current latest Version 88.0.705.74, and could see the Reopen Closed Tabs option available. Which is computer and browser version you’re using?

  3. Just to say THANKS!
    Frankly, I was not aware of this ‘History’ thing in Edge. When accidentally closing tabs I depended on my memory and had to Google-search for those tabs.
    Thanks again. it is very helpful indeed.

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