How to Navigate Forward and Backward in Edge Computer?

Learn how to navigate forward and backward pages in the Edge computer browser. The navigation help to revisit the previous or next pages without any issues.

When we are indulged in reading something interesting or curious to know the topic then we do a search online. This often leads to a webpage that is hyperlinked with a lot of other related articles.

The best example being the Wikipedia pages that have hell a lot of internal links that we click and read further drilling down to all extent.

Now that we are reading and drilling down to links, we often miss covering or reading the previous page completely. But since we are not following any specific path, we forgot which topic the last or the previous page was about.

That’s when the navigation buttons or browser navigation jump and help us. The navigation remembers all the previously visited pages and also the pages forward that we moved back from.

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Microsoft Edge has both forward and backward navigation that helps us navigate to the previous or next page within our browsing sessions. However, if you want to catch up on any specific topic, the History tab is always there.

How to Navigate Backward in Edge for Computer?

Every time you navigate within the pages, the previous page URLs are recorded into the browser. Which makes the navigation system easier to remember and visit.

Here are the steps to navigate back to the previous page on the Edge computer device:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.
  2. Open a Website and start navigating within the internal or external hyperlinks.
  3. Now, in order to navigate to the previous page by a hit on the Leftward Arrow icon <.

Backward Navigation in Edge Computer

This will take you back to the previous pages that you’ve visited till now in the current sessions. You can continue navigating backward until the first page where you’ve started the session.

How to Navigate Forward in Edge for Computer?

In case you’ve navigated backward to previous pages, the records with the browser also help you to move forward to the next page in the same sequence.

Here are the simple steps to navigate forward to the next page in the Edge browser computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge computer browser.
  2. Open a Website and start navigating within the internal or external hyperlinks.
  3. Navigate to the previous page by hitting on the Back Arrow icon.
  4. Now, navigate to forward or next pages using the Rightward Arrow icon >.

Forward Navigation in Edge Computer

This will navigate you to the next page where you’ve navigated backward. The next page will keep loading until the last page you’ve visited in the current sessions.

Bottom Line: Edge Computer Navigation

Browser navigation is an important aspect and very useful for users. It helps in giving a better user experience when they want to visit the pages that we often lose track of. The Microsoft Edge browser supports the backward and next page navigation at a button click.

If you’re using the InPrivate mode, the navigation still works until you are running the active session. However, the browsing history is not recorded.

As mentioned, I always lose track of pages that I’ve visited while reading something. And the Edge browser navigation helps in saving the time and effort to revisit the previous pages.

If you love the keyboard shortcut, I’ve listed out the Edge browser navigation keystrokes which you may find helpful.

Similarly, you can also use the navigation in Edge Android to visit the previous and next page. It works the same as the Edge computer browser.

What do you think about navigation in the Edge computer browser? Do you use this feature very often?

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