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How to Open InPrivate Window and New Tabs in Edge Computer

Edge Computer is one of the safest browsers to use, and along with its InPrivate Mode, it directly signifies how well it can protect your privacy. If you want to browse the site without your details or history being saved, you need to open the InPrivate Mode and work on it. The browsing data will be deleted immediately after closing the private window.

Start InPrivate Window or Incognito in Edge browser

Microsoft Edge offers this feature called an InPrivate mode window which is nothing but a private browsing window. InPrivate browsing does not save information such as browsing history, passwords, cookies, cache storage, etc., and deletes every detail on exiting the browser sessions.

When you’re done using the shared or someone else’s personal computer, you only need to exit the private browsing mode.

Microsoft Edge also offers the ability to open new tabs and windows within the computer. The tabs are now browsing sessions within the same browser window. You can even open multiple new incognito tabs and windows.

Open InPrivate Window

The inPrivate window is the secret browsing feature that does not store any information. All your details and sign-ins are valid only until the private window runs.

Here are the steps to open the new inPrivate window:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge on the computer.
  2. Click on More horizontal 3dots icon for the options menu.
  3. Select the New InPrivate Window from the list.
    InPrivate Browsing on Edge Computer

This will open the incognito window in the Edge browser on the computer desktop. As I mentioned, the browsing information within the InPrivate window is not stored anywhere in the browser.

You can also open multiple tabs within the same InPrivate window for easy usage.

Open New Tab

The tabs are an additional browsing screen within the same window. You can open unlimited tabs that your computer processor supports. You can easily switch between the tabs and multi-task at ease.

Here are the steps to open a new tab:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge on the computer.
  2. Click on More horizontal 3dots icon for the options menu.
  3. Select the New Tab from the list.
    Open New Tab in Microsoft Edge Computer

This will open a new tab within the Edge browser window on a computer desktop. You can switch to the previous tab by selecting the desired tab from the tabs bar.

Alternatively, you can open a new tab by hitting the + sign in the tabs bar. This will create a new tab, and you can continue the new tab browsing.

Open New Window

The window is a separate screen that you can keep side by side. The Edge computer supports unlimited browsing windows. You can also open multiple separate tabs under each window.

Here are the steps to open a new window:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge app on the computer.
  2. Click on More horizontal 3dots icon for the options menu.
  3. Select the New Window from the list.
    Open New Window and New Tab in Edge Computer

This will open a new separate window in Edge for the computer. As mentioned, you can place two windows next to each other and easily switch between them.

Bottom Line

You can safeguard your browsing data when using a shared computer with InPrivate browsing mode. The browser will automatically delete all the data and records after the exit.

Apart from the mentioned steps, the Edge browser allows us to launch separate tabs and create a new window using the mouse cursor. Select the tab and drag it with the mouse cursor outside the tab bar. This will create a new window out of the existing tab. You can also merge the window into the tab by dragging the window again back to the tabs bar.

Similarly, you can also launch private browsing and new tabs in Edge Android. However, there is no support for the new browser window on hand-held devices.

What do you think about the private mode and multi-tasking new windows and tabs? How often do you use these features?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Open InPrivate Window and New Tabs in Edge Computer, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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