How to Print Website and Save as PDF in Edge Computer?

Learn how to save a webpage and print as a PDF file in the Edge browser on any computer. The PDF can be previewed and also download locally on the system. Edge has an in-built PDF reader that can help in viewing the PDF file.

We have learned how to save a website in HTML format for offline access. Similarly, we can also print and save a website page in PDF file for offline reference. These PDF files can also be shared and can be opened in any readers just like normal PDF files.

Microsoft Edge offers an inbuilt feature to save the website as a PDF file when we give a print. We can also customize the file layout and settings while printing to save the PDF in the required layout and structure.

Microsoft Edge chromium also has the built PDF reader that opens the PDF file within the browser area.

How to Print and Save as PDF in Edge Computer?

Here are the steps to save a website page and print as PDF in Edge browser on any computer device:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer.
  2. Open the Website URL that you need to print and save as a PDF file.
  3. Click on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  4. Select the Print… option from the menu list.
  5. Under Printer drop-down, select Save as PDF option.
  6. Customize the Layout and other Print settings if required.
  7. Hit on the Save command button to save the page as a PDF file.

Print and Save as PDF in Edge Computer Browser

This will automatically create a PDF file and save locally on the computer system at the selected location. You can also open the PDF document in the Edge browser as it supports the PDF reader.

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