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How to Remove or Hide Reading List from Google Chrome?

Google Chrome introduces the reading list feature in version 89.0, allowing users to add the website links directly to the reading list button on the bookmark bar. A user can remove or hide the Reading List button on the bookmark bar with a simple right-click for context menu over the button and disable the checkbox against Reading List menu.

Google regularly releases quality and feature updates for its in-house browser. The former ones are rolled out at regular intervals and are aimed at performance enhancement.

On the other hand, as is evident from its name, the feature updates aim to add new goodies to its Chrome browser.

While the idea behind this is commendable, the same cannot be said regarding its implementation. In recent months, the Silicon Valley giants have adopted this methodology of directly enabling a feature in its browser rather than letting users decide.

First off was the introduction of the large profile selector screen that pops up every time you launch Google Chrome. While the element of doubt regarding that was about to settle, it seems there’s now a new unwanted entry in this list.

This time around, Google has added a Reading List feature that allows you to save your preferred articles and news so that you can go through them at a later date. It even segregates the contents under two distinguished sections, namely Unread and Pages you’ve read.

Reading list button menu in chrome bookmark bar

However, one of the most significant issues with the Reading List feature is its location- it tends to consume a considerable chunk of the space in the bookmarks bar. A slew of complaints is already lined up across Google Support Forums, where users are looking for the method to remove or hide Reading List from Google Chrome.

If you are also planning to do the same, then this guide will help you hide or remove the Reading list button from the bookmark bar.

Remove Reading List from Chrome

When the feature was first rolled out back in March, there was no straightforward removal method. Instead, you would have to tinker with one of Chrome’s experimental feature sets and disable a flag titled Read Later.

However, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and a general user shouldn’t have to deal with these chrome flags in the first place. Fortunately, Google paid head to all these queries, and from version 90.0 onwards, you could now easily hide this feature within a few clicks.

Here are the steps to hide or disable the Reading list from the chrome bookmark bar:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click on the Reading List or Bookmarks Bar for the context menu.
  3. Click to disable the checkbox against the Show reading list menu.
    Context menu with show reading list option enabled on bookmark bar

That’s it; the Reading list button will be removed from the bookmark bar and stay hidden within the browser.

Note: if the bookmarks bar isn’t visible, use the Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + B shortcut keys to Show bookmarks bar.

Bottom Line: Chrome Hide Reading List

We round off the guide on how you could remove or hide the Reading List from Google Chrome.

They forcibly implemented this feature into the browser infuriated quite a few users, and rightly so. And its positioning wasn’t very commendable either.

But unlike other features (more noticeably the Tab Grid UI), this time, they gave us an option to disable this functionality.

Do let us know if you have any queries concerning the instructions mentioned above for hiding the reading list button.

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6 thoughts on “How to Remove or Hide Reading List from Google Chrome?”

  1. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE MENU about Reading List when I right click the Bookmarks menu… where the f is the toggle to NOT SHOW READING LIST. I’m moving to another browser, can’t stand this split screen.

  2. Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist and mine doesn’t look anything like yours. I wish i could add a screen shot..

    i have chromebook about a yr old. months ago that ‘read list’ icon showed up and doing google search i found info that told me to go into flags look for something (it was so long ago i forget what it was) but to change that flag, reboot and it would be gone.. it worked. now 2 days ago with chromebook update after reboot the damn thing is back and doing a google search, alllll the dif suggestions.. none exist on my chromebook.. the flag/flags they list (various help sites mention dif flags) do not show up in my flags (i don’t know if these are the same flags i was told to use months ago.. either way, non existent now in my flags). there is no option to ‘uncheck’ read list in my book marks..whether i right click bookmark’s bar or open the 3 dots in upper right corner.. there is no such option to check or uncheck.. i love chromebook, have used it prob since they 1st came out.. but i’m so sick of them adding things we (I) don’t want.. they should give us an option if we want that useless icon in the bookmarks bar or if we want the annoying ‘tote’ icon we now have in our taskbar where we can click and see recent pics/screenshots.. i can’t get rid of that either.. driving me nuts..

    appreciate your effort though!

    you’ve got my email. . if you come up with a fix that might work for me don’t hesitate to send it to me.. if it works i’d let you know

  3. Any updated info on this? As of 6/9/22 there is no option for reading list when I right click – it only asks about bookmarks.

  4. Same as the others. There is no option in that menu to remove the idiot reading list. I guess Chrome really did not listen to its users.

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