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How to Share Website Link from Chrome Android?

Many sites have several useful pieces of information, articles, or news that you would probably wish to share with your friends and family members. For this, Chrome offers you the feature to share the link of the sites via a social sharing app. You simply need to open the site and tap on the three dots and click on the share option. Now, click on the social sharing app and select the person whom you wish to send.

If you are reading an article or news post on your Chrome and find it quite interesting to share with your friends or colleagues, you can easily share it with them with the built-in sharing option on Chrome.

I do link forward very often. If I feel a certain post or article is beneficial for any of my friends, then I forward the link using the chrome android share command button. Since I read a lot of articles online, it becomes quite mandatory to share them within my friend circle and talk about them.

When you tap on the Share button, then Android will automatically populate all the available apps or mediums. The communication apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and whatever another app is already installed on your Android phone will be displayed.

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You can also select individual people in the sharing platform and hit on the Send button to instantly share the link.

However, if you want to send the link to different devices like a computer or iPad, you need to choose the option to send to the device on chrome android. But, you also need to log in with the same Google account on another device.

How to Quickly Share a Website Link on Chrome Android?

There are a few websites that support social sharing and provide sharing icons and links. However, if the sharing social bar is not available, you can always use the social forward in chrome android. All in all, that’s how the chrome share link works.

Here are the easy steps on how to share a website on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Chrome Android app on mobile.
  2. Access the website link or page that you want to share.
  3. Tap onvertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  4. Select Share… from the list of options.
    Chrome Android Share option
  5. Choose the medium that you want to share.
    How to Share Website Link from Chrome Android? 1
  6. Select the recipient and hit on Share or Send.

When you hit the share button, the website hyperlink will be copied automatically and pasted into the sharing app.

WhatsApp Share Link from Chrome Android

The message will be sent as a link within your sharing social app. That is how the chrome share link works!

Video Tutorial on Sharing Link from Chrome Android

This is the video demo of how to share a website in Chrome Android with your friends on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to Share Website Link from Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android Share Link

The sharing options minimize the effort that goes into copy-pasting a link. Instead, we can just quickly share on our favorite social media or communication app directly using the chrome share link on android. As mentioned above, there is also another way to send to devices on chrome android.

After I discovered the google chrome share button, I use it very frequently to share interesting and useful articles with my friends and family. Especially with friends, interesting articles can serve as a great topic of fun and discussion! Everyone thoroughly loves the chrome share link option!

Similarly, you can also use the chrome computer to send to devices for forwarding links. However, you might need the Google account to be signed in on both devices.

Let us know how you find the external sharing feature on chrome android using any app!


How to Share website link from Chrome Android?

To share the website link from Chrome Android, you need to launch the site and tap on the three dots at the corner then click on share. Now, select the app through which you wish to share the link.

Can I directly share the link of the site via Whatsapp from Chrome Android?

Yes, Chrome Android allows you to directly share the links of the site through social sharing apps such as Whastapp.

What are the steps to share website links in messenger from Chrome Android?

To share the link of the site to any of your messenger contacts, you need to launch the specific site and click on three dots and tap on share. Now, you will be able to view the list of the social sharing apps, click on messenger and select the person you want to share the link to.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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10 thoughts on “How to Share Website Link from Chrome Android?”

    1. Did you uninstall the FB app from your phone? If there is no application available, then chrome won’t display the app under the sharing medium list.

  1. I used to be able to share from chrome and it would come up with all the various options such as whatsapp Gmail etc but now when I go to share only the Gmail icon appears. How do I get the others back? Its only chrome I have this problem with?

    1. Hello Nigel,

      In the latest updated version, the other sharing medium is hidden under More. Within the sharing pane, swipe the medium list to the left. You will get to see the last option More. You will get the entire list as earlier.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Like Nigel, I no longer have that option either. There’s no pane that shows up either. When I hit the share option, the pane just closes completely. I’m only getting Facebook messenger as the share option instead of email, text, etc.

    1. Android display only the most frequently used apps under Sharing menu. All you need is to tap on the “More” command within the sharing pane to get other available options. It is standard across all Android devices. Check your phone settings for any bad configuration, or reset phone settings to make it normal.

  3. when I select share through gmail on android, the next screen is unresponsive. I can type the email address in, but, can’t hit send/ this is new and sudden

  4. Can you please advise me? On my android Google pixel 2, Until a week ago, (don’t know if it was because I signed out of Gmail due to an issue & signed back in or the app updates), whenever I shared a link on Chrome browser, the Gmail send an email page opened, I’d share the link & click SEND. then the page would go back to chrome (where the link was) & after a few seconds, a little popup appeared at bottom of page saying SENT.
    But now, this popup only appears until I open the Gmail app… IOW, email only works when I open the Gmail app & are stored in draft. It’s driving me nuts, I’ve tried everything, clearing cookies, signing in & out etc.
    Please note, this is not on computer but via my phone.
    Thank you in advance ❣️

  5. I, too, recently lost the ability to share from Chrome to Facebook. Facebook simply disappeared from the “Sharing Menu”. Although tapping on the … [More] button did indeed show additional available options, Facebook was not among them.

    Tonight I spent HOURS tampering with settings in Chrome, Facebook, hidden system & any apps I thought might be related. My focus was on permissions, but I tinkered with defaults, notifications, etc. Bad idea – I know just enough to get myself in trouble – but I was desperate.

    Lo and behold, Facebook now appears in the pop-up window when I tap the “More” button. Not one of the settings I changed stood out as likely to fix the problem, and I am certain most were totally irrelevant so I cannot identify a solution. My tinkering and Facebook reappearing in the sharing panels may just be coincidence. However, I can encourage others with this issue to ‘tinker’ and not get discouraged. As frustrating as it is, be persistent and I believe you’ll find your fix, albeit only after you stumble and trip over it. Good Luck!

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