How to Uninstall Chrome App (PWA) from Chrome Browser?

The Google Chrome browser allows installing the progressive web applications (PWA) like a native app known as Chrome Apps. These apps run independently over the Google Chrome browser without any issues. We can also remove or uninstall the Chrome Web Apps from the browser using the chrome://apps location and also from the options menu within the PWA app.

Web browsers have welcomed quite a few noteworthy features in recent years. One among them is the addition of the Progressive Web Apps. Commonly referred to as PWAs, it allows you to create standalone apps for your preferred sites.

Some of these PWAs also work offline, using their cache data during the earlier sessions. Moreover, browsing via these apps would give you a distraction-free environment, as there will be minimal browser components to interact with.

For example, the browser’s address bar, extension menu, tab bars, and other related settings are all absent from PWA’s work ecosystem.

On the one hand, it does spell out a disturbance-free setup, but on the flip side, some users find it tough to deal with such a lack of essential features in these apps. Add to it the inability to open a new tab, and all these seem to be making it quite difficult for the end-users to use these apps.

BrowserHow Chrome App installed

If you echo these thoughts and plan to bid farewell to the PWA, this guide shall come in handy. At this moment are the detailed instructions to uninstall Chrome App (PWA) from the Chrome browser.

There are two different methods to carry out the task mentioned above: via the concerned PWA itself or through Chrome’s App Page. We have listed these methods below; you may try out the one you find more comfortable dealing with.

Uninstall the PWA App

Uninstall the PWA app is a pretty straightforward approach that allows you to remove the concerned app directly via the PWA’s menu.

Here are the steps to Uninstall the Chrome App from the PWA app on the computer:

  1. Launch the Progressive Web App that you need to remove from Chrome.
  2. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon for options list.
  3. Select Uninstall <PWA Name> from the list.
    Uninstall Chrome PWA app from Chrome Browser
  4. Hit on Remove command, and wait for the process to complete.
    Uninstall Web App from Chrome browser

That’s it! If you want to delete the app’s data, then enable checkmark Also clear data from Chrome on the confirmation dialog box that appears.

It was the first method to uninstall the Chrome App (PWA) from the Chrome Browser. Let’s now make you aware of the next one.

Remove from Chrome’s App Page

If the PWA’s data has got corrupted and you cannot access the app, then the first method might not work out in your favor. Therefore, you should consider removing the app from Chrome’s App Page, which doesn’t interact with the Progressive Web Apps.

Here are the steps to remove the Chrome web app from the Apps page in Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Head over to the Chrome App’s location.

    It shall now bring up a list of all the PWAs.

  3. Right-click on the app that you need to remove and select the Remove from Chrome option.
    Google Chrome Apps Remove from Chrome option
  4. Hit Remove command button, and it will remove the desired app from the browser.
    Remove Chrome App from Google Chrome browser

If you wish to preserve that app’s data for reuse in the future, then make sure to keep the Also clear data from Chrome option unchecked.

Uninstall PWA via Control Panel

Since PWA is treated as an app, couldn’t it be uninstalled directly via the Windows Settings menu or Control Panel? Well, currently not. But there is some progress going on in this matter.

On the Chromium Bugs page, there’s an active issue titled ‘PWA should be able to be uninstalled the same way a “real app” can.

Feature for Uninstall Chrome Apps as System Application

The Chrome issue is still undermarked as Started (Open), and there’s no estimated fix time. The silver lining is that Chrome tested the Developer and Canary builds feature in the past, but the same is yet to be implemented in the Stable version.

If you wish to verify whether it has been implemented in your browser, follow the steps.

  1. Right-click on Chrome’s shortcut icon and select the Properties menu.
  2. Switch to the Shortcut tab, and append the below parameter in the Target Field.

    Enable Web App Uninstall Feature in Windows for Chrome

  3. Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  4. Next, Launch the Chrome browser using this shortcut.
  5. Head over to the Start menu, search for the desired chrome app.
  6. Hit the Uninstall command.
    Uninstall Chrome PWA App from Windows InstallerUninstall button should now take it to the Control Panel’s Uninstallation page, and it will select the concerned Progressive Web App.
  7. Hit the Uninstall button, and it will remove the app from your PC.

In my testing, the option to delete the PWA was present in the Start Menu. However, when it took me to the Control Panel, the said app was nowhere to be found. With that said, some users were able to achieve success after trying out the tweak mentioned above.

Installed Chrome App in Windows Control Panel

If it works out in your favor, well and good; otherwise, you should take it along the expected lines, as the feature is still in the testing phase. In the meantime, you may refer to our first and second methods to uninstall the Chrome PWA Apps from the computer.

Bottom Line: Uninstall Chrome Apps

So these were the two different methods through which you could uninstall the Chrome App (PWA) from the Chrome Browser. When the ability to remove the PWA app via Control Panel goes live, it would be the quickest and simplest method to carry out this task.

As of now, you should turn your attention toward the other two approaches that we have shared. In this regard, the first method (via the PWA) proves to be a time saver when you are already within that app’s ecosystem and are currently using it.

However, if the app is not functioning along the expected lines, the first approach might prove futile. So it would be best if you then consider opting for the second method of removing the app using Chrome’s App page.

On that note, we round off this tutorial on how to uninstall and remove chrome apps from the Google Chrome browser. Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions regarding the Chrome App uninstallation.

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