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How to Enable/Disable Browser Notification on Android

Learn how to enable or disable push notifications on Android browsers like Chrome. You can also block or whitelist the notification for the selected sites.

Browsers notification can be both distracting and helpful. You can either disable or enable the browser notifications. To do so, you need to customize the Notification settings of your Android phone under Apps and Notifications. Search for the web browser whose notification you need to customize and configure according to need.

Configure Notification Settings on Android Phone

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers, with many customization options. One of its best features is controlling the notification without any hassle. Hence, we will take the Chrome browser as an example in this guide.

Chrome can send the push notification once the users have opted for it. However, a few site owners or web admins frequently misuse the feature and send annoying notifications. This creates distractions, and we end up disabling the notifications.

I like to stay focused whenever I’m working on something online. Browser notifications are exceedingly distracting and create anger. I prefer blocking them at all times.

If you are like me, traumatized by these browsers and website notifications, you are at the right place. In this article, we will learn how to stop browser notifications on Android.

Disable Chrome Notifications

Browser notifications can be annoying at times. They can deviate your attention and make you lose focus. The only way out is to stop web browser notifications on Android.

Follow these steps to disable the browser app notifications on Android:

  1. Open Android Settings from App Drawer.
  2. Tap on the Apps & Notifications from the Settings.
    Android Apps and Notifications Settings
  3. Select the Browser App (Say Chrome app) from the list of apps.
  4. Within Chrome App Info, tap on the Notifications tab.
    Chrome App info Notifications
    Here you can see all the notifications currently enabled or disabled.
  5. Toggle the Show Notification button and turn it OFF to stop all notifications.
    Chrome Show Notifications Toggle Button OFF

That’s it. You will no longer receive the notification from Chrome for Android. These steps will restrict all the ads and notifications from the selected browser on your Android phone.

Disable Site Push Notifications

While completely disabling notifications is not suggested since many general notifications help us stay updated. Instead, I suggest disabling the Site notifications only in most cases.

Follow these steps to disable the Site notification in Chrome:

  1. Open the Android Settings app.
  2. Tap on Apps & Notifications from the Settings.
  3. Select Chrome Browser App, and choose the Notifications tab.
  4. Make sure the Show Notification is turned ON and scroll down a bit.
    Chrome Show Notifications Toggle Button
  5. Toggle the Show notification to turn off under the Sites section
    Chrome Sites Show Notifications turn OFF

This will only turn off the site push notification; however, the General chrome notification like Content Suggestion, Downloads, Incognito, Browser, etc., will still appear.

Enable Few Site Notifications

While most Chrome notifications are useless, I find some valuable and informative. Mostly the blogs that I follow and read regularly send helpful notifications.

You may not receive any site notifications if you completely block the site notifications or Chrome notifications. Follow these steps to enable the site notifications for selected sites:

  1. Open Android Settings.
  2. Tap on Apps and Notification from the Settings.
    Android Apps and Notifications Settings
  3. Choose and Open the Google Chrome app.
  4. Within Chrome App Info, tap on the Notification menu.
    Chrome App info Notifications
  5. Enable both Chrome & Sites to Show Notification.
  6. Under the Sites section, disable the checkbox against the site you want to block the notification.
  7. Similarly, enable the checkbox for the Sites or Blogs URL that you want to receive the push notification.
    Chrome Site Notifications Checkbox Enabled and Disabled

Finally, you will be receiving notifications from the sites you want to receive. All other sites that you haven’t enabled the notifications will be blocked.

Video Demo

You can watch this video demo about customizing Chrome notifications for Android. The notification is enabled from Settings > Apps & Notification settings.

How to Enable / Disable Notification 🔔 on Chrome for Android Phone?

Bottom Line

I hope this helps you easily customize the browser notifications using the mentioned method. As I mentioned, browser notifications can also be helpful in some cases.

For me, browser notifications are annoying, and I prefer to stop browser notifications on Android so that it doesn’t hinder my focus while working on something important.

But definitely, you can have complete control of what Chrome notifications to receive and block on your Android Browser.

What is your setting for your favorite Browser notifications? Do you enable them or completely block them?


We have listed a few frequently asked questions related to customizing the browser notification on Android phones:

How to enable Browser notifications on Android?

To enable the browser notification on Android, you need to open Settings > Apps & Notifications. Now open the browser app and tap on the notification tab. At last, turn on the notification by clicking on the Show notification.

How to disable the Browser notification on Android?

To disable the browser notification on Android, you need to open the phone Settings > Apps & Settings > Browser App. Now, navigate to the notifications and turn off the browser’s notification by clicking on the show notifications tabs.

How to disable push notifications of websites on Android?

To disable the push notifications of particular websites, you must first go to Settings > Apps & Notification > Browser App. Now, open the notifications section, enable the notifications, and scroll to the bottom of the site’s notifications. Turn off the site’s notification.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Enable/Disable Browser Notification on Android, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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