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Fix: Your card has been declined for ChatGPT Plus Upgrade

Are you encountering a 'Your card has been declined' error while upgrading to a ChatGPT Plus subscription? Troubleshoot and resolve this issue with simple steps.

ChatGPT offers a Plus subscription to get their advanced GPT4 model and other premium offering like browsing and plugin support.

However, the payment processing could be more reliable, often resulting in card declining issues.

To fix it, you need to disable the ads and content blocker extensions, enable JavaScript, clear cookies and DNS cache, and try to process the payment from a phone device.

Fix: Your card has been declined for ChatGPT Plus Subscription

Are you planning to upgrade your ChatGPT subscription to Plus? Then you might need to spend $20 + taxes every month.

I’ve recently subscribed to ChatGPT Plus but had to go through several hurdles related to payment processing. One of the annoying errors I encountered was ‘Your card has been declined’ without any additional information.

OpenAI ChatGPT Plus Subscription Card has been declined

I did Google for easy solutions and found OpenAI’s help article, which was useless. They mentioned:

If your credit card is declined while using ChatGPT, please double-check your card information, ensure you have sufficient funds, and verify your billing address. Any incorrect information can lead to a declined transaction. If your issue persists, try using an alternate payment method or contact your bank or card provider to understand how the transaction can be completed.

Yes – I thoroughly checked the card information, got more than sufficient funds, and the billing address matches one registered with the card issuer.

The credit card (VISA) that I used for ChatGPT Plus has no issue processing international USD payments; I use it for several online services and payments I’m subscribed to.

I tried multiple other debits, prepaid, and credit cards (including MASTERCARD), but the payment was still declined. I contacted the Bank and Card Issuer’s customer support; they claimed it was not an issue.

After all unsuccessful attempts, I thought it might be an issue with the web browser, and I started troubleshooting the browser to fix the declined payment issue.

Disable Extensions

OpenAI or ChatGPT use Stripe for payment processing and subscription management. It heavily relies on API for processing the card payment. There are chances that any one of the browser extensions is conflicting with APIs that aren’t allowing ChatGPT Plus payments. Hence, disabling the extensions should possibly help resolve it.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon for options menu.
  3. Hover on More Tools and select the Extensions option. Chrome More Tools menu with Extensions sub-menu It will open the Chrome Extensions Manager page with install extensions.
  4. Disable the toggle option against each extension. Disable browser extensions on chrome computer
  5. Restart the browser and check for issues.

Once you disable all the extensions, you can retry the card payment. Once the payment is processed, you can re-enable the extensions for normal usage.

For the Safari browser, you can visit the Settings from the Safari menu, which will open the Safari Settings window. Switch to the Extensions tab and disable the Checkboxes to turn off extensions.

1Blocker Extension on Safari browser in macOS

Clear cookies and cache

When you often visit websites like ChatGPT or any site, it records data in the form of cookies and cache. These data can become invalid over time and often lead to misconfiguration. Hence, it’s recommended to clear these browsing data. It also affects the payment gateway site causing the card decline issue.

  1. Open Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon for menu options and hover on the More Tools menu.
  3. Select the Clear Browsing Data menu from the list. Clear Browsing Data menu under More Tools in Chrome computer
  4. Choose the Time Range from the drop-down and select the checkboxes for the ‘Cookies and other site data‘ and ‘Cached images and files‘ options. Clear cookies and cache data from the Chrome computer with Clear data command
  5. Hit the Clear Data command button.

While clearing the cookies and cache will sign you out of the websites; it will resolve the underlying issue if the payment fails.

You can read our guide for clearing cookies and cache for the Safari browser in case you need it.

Check the System Date and Time

Every payment gateway or processing site checks for the system data and time to confirm the connection and network authenticity. Hence, incorrect Date and Time can lead to payment failure. Here are the steps to check and correct the details on the computer.

  1. Open the Start menu on your Windows PC and select the Settings settings gear icon menu.
    Windows OS Settings option under Start menu
  2. Switch to Time & Language settings page.
  3. Ensure the Time zone is correct and enable the toggle switch for the Set time automatically option.
    Windows 11 Time and Language Settings to set time automatically

Similarly, you can check and correct the data and time in macOS from the Apple menu > System Settings > General and open the Date & Time settings page.

macOS Date & Time Settings page

Flush DNS Cache and IP Configuration

The DNS is used for resolving a site’s domain name to translate into the IP address of the server that hosts the website. Large websites have a pool of servers with different IP addresses that are often changing as a part of site disaster management.

If your system has recorded an IP address and the origin server IP address has been changed, it often leads to miscommunication between networks and results in failure.

We must clear the system’s DNS cache and IP configuration in such cases. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to the Start menu, and search cmd prompt.
  2. Launch Command Prompt as administrator.
    Command Prompt Run as Administrator
  3. Execute the below commands in the Command Prompt window.
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh int ip set dns
    netsh winsock reset

With this, the Winsock components are reset, and the Internet Protocol settings have been renewed.

In the case of macOS, you can open the Terminal app and execute the following command:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Try in the Phone browser

It might sound a bit off, but it has worked in my case. Not only mine but many other users have also reported that they could subscribe to the GPT Plus using the browser on their phone in one go.

I use the Chrome browser on my Android phone, signed in with an OpenAI account, and visited the ChatGPT Plus subscription page. I filled out the card, address, and other required details and processed the payment. It was simple and without error.

There are several browsers available for both Android and iPhone that you can give a try.

Bottom Line

The problem with declining card payments will often lead to frustration, and you can follow a few troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT has revolutionized the AI industry and has brought up many technical advancements in a short period. Leading tech companies like Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, etc., are trying to mimic the same and even induce GPT in their existing offering to make it even more powerful.

With the GPT Plus license, you can use the latest models and integrate various plugins to enhance the usage of AI in your day-to-day life.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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  1. I successfully upgraded to plus subscription in the month of April with my VISA DEBIT CARD with International transction turned on. But the renewal process never happened. Every time I tried to renew the subscription my card is getting declined. I have tried with laptop as well as my android phone. But nothing worked.

    1. Hello, even my card has been declined at renewal (and I no longer wish to continue it). I guess its the problem with Stripe payment processor. Maybe reaching out to OpenAI support should help.

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