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How to Switch Between Chrome User Profiles

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Google Chrome offers a feature to segregate the account based on personal preference. It allows the creation of multiple users and profiles to avoid mixing. We can keep our personal Google account separate from our work account under different profiles. We can easily switch between these chrome user profiles from the profile switcher menu.

If we talk about some plausible reasons for Chrome’s rise to the top, then its handy cross-device support has been well-documented quite often. However, another pretty nifty feature that doesn’t always appreciate what it rightly deserves is its support for multiple user profiles.

The Profile feature allows you to create standalone user profiles corresponding to different Google accounts for the unaware. You could create one for official purposes, the other for your interests, and so on.

Along the same lines, this feature also comes in handy in professional workspaces.

For example, you could create separate profiles for all your colleagues on a single PC. The best part about this feature is that all your data would remain encapsulated within your profile.

Hence, your saved passwords, bookmarks, favorites, and browser settings would be non-conflicting, i.e., they wouldn’t interact with the other profiles.

Owing to such an abundance of benefits involved, there’s no doubt why the Profiles feature has always been among the user’s favorites.

However, there’s also doubt about switching between these profiles in the Chrome browser. If you are also on the same page, this guide shall help you.

You could easily switch between chrome profiles through three different methods.

Profile Selector Menu at Startup

After a recent Chrome update, the browser appears on the profile selector screen every time you open the browser. This makes it easy to switch between Chrome profiles- all you have to do is click on the desired profile, and that’s it.

Chrome Profile Selector window at Startup

However, some users didn’t appreciate Chrome’s approach of showing the profile selection menu at every boot-up. As a result, they have already disabled the chrome profiles. If you have also done the same, you should check out the other two methods below.

Profile Menu

It is a traditional method that has been there since the inception of this feature. Every new profile is automatically added under the Profile avatar icon, and we can click and choose the desired profile.

Here are the steps to switch user account from the Profile menu in Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Click on your profile avatar at the top right, next to the address bar.
    It will open the profile pop-up screen on the browser.
    Switch Chrome User Profile from Profiles menu
  3. Select the desired profile under the Other Profile section.

That’s it. The selected profile will be activated, and the older profile will be hidden in the background. You can use the chrome keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Tab on Windows OS or Cmd + ` on Mac to switch between active profile windows.

Desktop Shortcut

info iconNote: desktop shortcut option is available only on Windows PC.

Both the methods we discussed require you to open Chrome and then select the profile of your choice. However, a shorter approach exists as well- you could directly launch Chrome signed-in with the profile of your choice.

Here are the steps to create the desktop shortcut for Chrome Profile in Windows OS:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on Windows PC.
  2. Bring up the Profile selection using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M shortcut.
  3. Select the desired profile from the available list.
    Select Chrome Profile in Google Chrome
  4. Now copy-paste the below location in the address bar and hit Enter on the keyboard.

    It shall open the Manage Profile page.

  5. Enable the toggle next to Create desktop shortcut option.
    Create Desktop Shortcut option in Chrome Profiles page

A Chrome profile shortcut will now be created on your Desktop, having a small badge of your Google account profile image.
Chrome User Profile Desktop Shortcut

Now anytime you launch Chrome using this shortcut, it will automatically be logged in with the associated Google account itself.

Moreover, you may create shortcuts for all the user profiles on your browser. Each will have its badge and name as its distinctive identity.

Bottom Line: Switch Chrome Profiles

So with this, we round off the guide on how you could switch between profiles in Chrome. As you might have noticed, each of these approaches has its own set of perks and downsides.

But the third approach of the desktop shortcut stands as my favorite as it cuts down on the additional step of manually selecting the profile. But, it’s limited only to Windows PC users.

However, Mac OS users have a dedicated Profiles menu on the menubar that allows a quick switch between available profiles.

Google Chrome Menubar with Profiles menu

What are your views on the ability to manage and switch multiple user profiles in Chrome? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

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      I hope you already have two or more chrome profiles already set up to make the profile switching work.

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