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Customize the Theme and Appearance of Brave on a Computer

Do you want to customize the theme and appearance of Brave on your computer? Learn how to personalize your browser theme and appearance.

The Brave browser offers multiple customization options like browser skin theme, font type & size, zooming level, visible options & icons like home, address bar, etc. We can completely overhaul the look and feel, including adding a custom background image, showing the bookmark bar & sidebar, and more.

Customize Theme and Appearance on Brave browser

You might have heard of the saying – Looks are everything. I do not know if it is true in life but looks matter in some cases—for example, the theme of your browser. Regarding functionality, there is no reason to use a browser theme.

The theme or browser appearance generally does not improve or hamper the functioning of the browser. But it can make the browser more pleasing.

If you spend a lot of time online, whether working on something or browsing the internet, you use the browser. Maybe you do not even pay attention to the theme and appearance of the browser. But changing the aesthetic of the browser can be a game-changer.

I recently changed the theme on the Brave browser to Dark mode and realized what a difference it made! Something was charming about the browser after I changed the theme.

We will guide you on how you change the theme and appearance of the Brave browser to spice up your browsing experience.

Customize the Profile and Avatar

You can customize the theme and appearance of the Brave browser to suit your needs. Just think of the possibilities! To know how you can alter the look of the browser.

Here are the steps to customize the profile and avatar:

  1. Launch the Brave app on your computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings option.
    It will open the Brave Settings page.
  3. Switch to the Get Started menu and select the Profile name and icon option.
    Profile name and icon tab in Get Started Brave computer
  4. Enter the desired Brave Profile name that you wish to have.
    Enter Profile Name on Brave browser
  5. Pick a theme color from the options, or choose a custom color by clicking on the first circle with the pen symbol.
    Choose the Theme color preference for Brave browser
  6. Scroll down and pick an avatar from over 30 choices.
    Pick up the Avatar Profile for Brave computer

The Brave browser will reflect your changes to the profile name, theme color, or avatar once you close the tab.

Changing the Appearance

The Brave browser has multiple built-in options to customize the theme and appearance based on your requirement. It allows customizing the front-end options and how the webpage loads fully.

Here are the steps to change the theme and appearance:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings option.
    It will open the Brave Settings page.
  3. Switch to the Appearance menu.
  4. Customize the Appearance and Theme of the Brave browser per requirement.
  5. Choose the default theme color from the Brave colors drop-down options – Light, Dark, or Same as Windows.
    Choose the Brave Default Theme Color

Click on the Theme option to visit the Chrome Web Store and download the theme.

Open Theme Web Store from Brave computer

There are loads of free themes that you can download and use. The browser will apply the downloaded theme immediately.

Choose the Theme from Chrome Web Store to apply on Brave browser

Customize the browser’s appearance by changing things like displaying or hiding the home button, address, bar, Brave rewards icon, tab search button, etc.

Customize Appearance options in Brave computer browser

The complete list is displayed, and you can enable or disable everything by toggling the respective buttons.

Select your preferred font size and type from the drop-down list. You can also customize fonts by clicking on Customize fonts.

Adjust the Font Size from the Drop-down menu in Brave Appearance

Select a value from the drop-down list to adjust how much you want to zoom in on the page.

Select the default page Page Zoom level and customize speedreader and cycle through the tabs option for Brave

You can also enable the cycle through the recent tabs option. Furthermore, the Speedreader can also be enabled, which helps load the reader mode instead of the normal mode.

Bottom Line

Themes change the look and experience of your browser, like the color of the tabs, the background of the tabs, and the address bar. The browser’s color scheme is changed, giving it a new look.

Themes do not alter how a browser works. It merely changes the appearance of the browser. You can select a theme color and avatar on the Brave browser and even download and use themes.

Sometimes, minor things can make the most significant differences. It rings true when it comes to changing the theme and appearance of your browser. For example, a theme based on your favorite color can brighten your mood. It is for this very reason that I decided to create this post.

Customizing the theme and appearance on the Brave browser is child’s play. You can choose from many theme colors, pick an avatar from the various options, and download themes from the Chrome web store, which has thousands of exciting themes.

If you have never tried experimenting with Brave browser themes, this is your sign to do so! I can promise you that it will blow your mind! You will find yourself paying much more attention to the browser’s appearance.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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Aksheya Gowekar

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4 comments and feedback

  1. Sorry, but themes on Brave is the worst experience I ever had in browsers. Firefox is much slower, but it’s a peace of cake and so nice when installing and viewing themes. But when you install a theme from Crome Web Store on Brave:
    – Many themes (maybe most) don’t install. Firefox themes are available almost all of them.
    – Only a small part of the sreen is themed (the color of the tabs). In many cases (in most cases, to be honest), nothing is themed. Firefox themes are much more beautiful and the whole browsing region (tabs, bookmarks bar, buttons bar) is themed with parts from theme’s image (and not only with one simple color)
    – You cannot explore the themes you have download, as in Firefox.
    Please take care of themes issues, we use Brave because is the fastest browser, but it’s the worst on appearance.

    1. I agree. I have to assume that the themes work in Chrome but not in Brave because I don’t see anything like the previews given in the Theme store. I came here searching to find out what is wrong with my themes in Brave.

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