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The ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Chrome is a widespread problem due to web server or browser issues. The primary ways to resolve this problem include clearing Chrome’s DNS cache, clearing browsing data, and restarting the router and device. You should also check the address in other web browsers and in incognito mode.

The ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE code is an error that Google Chrome sometimes returns when we try to visit certain websites. I witnessed this error code a few days ago, and I must admit that seeing this code can sometimes be frustrating.


As far as I know, this is a generic issue that can be caused either by the client’s or our end. However, if the problem is on our end, the solution to counter it also lies with us.

If we trigger Chrome to respond with this error code, it might be sourced from an issue with our router, Chrome browser, or Chrome’s DNS settings. If it’s the other way around, sourced from an issue from the client’s side, it will hopefully be fixed instantly. In this case, you can only wait until the issue is resolved.

This problem might be sourced from any issue with the router or Chrome’s basic settings for most users.

Below, I’ll take you through all the possible fixes we have now that can fix this issue for you. Please note that they will only see success if the issue is sourced as a result of some fault from your end, although you should apply the guide anyway.

Restart Router and Device

The first thing we can do is restart our router. Restarting the router will resolve any internet connectivity issues, so this is where we’ll begin with.

Follow the steps to restart the router to fix the chrome error:

  1. Start by turning off the power of your router.
  2. Let the router sit idle for a few minutes.
    Anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes is ideal.
  3. Turn on the router.
  4. Connect your computer and visit the website giving you the latter error code.

If the issue was linked to your internet connectivity, the issue should now be quickly resolved. While applying this method, please turn off the router entirely and let it rest for some minutes, as suggested.

You can also restart your system while rebooting the router.

Clear Browsing Data

Your cookies also possess the chance of being the culprit in such cases. If the data is corrupted, then clearing the browsing data might help.

Here are the steps to clear browsing data from the Chrome browser:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Click on More vertical 3dots icon for the menu options.
  3. From the options list, choose the Settings option.
    Google Chrome Settings options
  4. When you’re inside settings, go to the Privacy and security section.
    Chrome Privacy and Security section
  5. Under this section, head inside Clear browsing data.
  6. Then, proceed to the Advanced tab.
  7. Change the Time range to All time and then check the following items:
    • Browsing history,
    • cookies, and other site data,
    • site settings, and
    • hosted app data.
  8. Finally, click on the Clear data button at the bottom and wait for the data to be cleared.
    Clear browsing data in Google Chrome

If you rarely clear these data on your Chrome browser, please note that the fewer times you clear data, the longer the process will take.

Clear Chrome DNS cache

The Chrome browser automatically stores the Domain Name Server information on every website you visit. If this info interferes with browsing purposes, flushing out the DNS cache will resolve the issue.

Here are the steps to clear Chrome DNS cache on the computer:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Copy-paste the following address into the address and hit the Enter: chrome://net-internals/#dns.
    chrome net internal dns settingsIt will open the DNS settings page.
  3. Click on the Clear host cache button.
    Clear Host data DNS from chrome computer
  4. Finally, Relaunch the Chrome browser and try revisiting the troubled website.

The DNS is a means of communicating to the computer the IP address associated with a domain. Flushing out this info will reset and give you a fresh start on the already visited websites.


With that, we’ve covered all the fixes that can resolve the issue of the ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error code in Google Chrome.

However, if the particular website still returns the same error code when accessing it, it can probably be concluded that the issue is sourced from the web server end. If this is the case, then the best option before you is to wait until the webmaster fixes up the issue.

The fixes given above are to be applied one by one. Taking my experience into account, flushing my Chrome browser’s DNS cache did the job, while the other two proved useless.

That pretty much sums up my point about fixing the latter issue. If all the problems occur because of some issue from your end, I believe that this guide and the fixes I guided you through will help you fix them and turn things back to normal.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to fix: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Chrome, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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8 thoughts on “How to fix: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Chrome”

  1. Here’s a suggestion: also try resetting your Hub (if you have one) I had the ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error on ALL browsers. This error would not occur when using WiFi on my laptop but only when using Thunderbolt port via Dell Hub which is then Ethernet cabled to my cable router. Reset my laptop, my router, cleared cache on all browsers but no joy. Finally reset my Hub and it resolved

  2. Help! These tips are very helpful and work, but I have to go through these steps every single day with my PC. Why?

  3. Dear Sir/Mdm

    Kindly assist on that issue when i open website into chrome.

    Tried to solve it but I can’t, kindly advise


  4. Dear Sir/ mdm
    Kindly assist on that issue when I open website into chrome
    Tried to solve it but I can’t, kindly advise

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