10 Best Browsers for Mac OS in 2021 – (Safari Alternative)

No doubt, Safari is a great browser, however, it lacks few features. We listed the best browser for macOS and safari alternatives that you should give try.

Internet browsers are important because, without them, you won’t even be able to access this website to get new tech knowledge! Internet browsers help us to be sure of the internet in a secure and systematic manner. It is true you can use your command prompt to get the data of websites, but it is not very user friendly. And if you use Mac OS, then you would be familiar with the Safari browser, which Apple gives preinstalled on your computer.

Although, Safari is a good browser and opts for Mac OS, what if you want to fancy a change. I’m guessing that’s why you are here after questioning, is Safari the best browser or are there any other options? Well, yes, there are plenty of other options with a variety of prominent features. Some of them have an inbuilt download manager, which some have inbuilt torrent seeders and more interesting stuff.

None the matter, if you want to window shopping for more Mac OS browsers, then we have some great pics for you.

We have filtered the top 10 best browsers for Mac OS in this article. Hold tight and find your new favorite browser.

Best Safari Alternatives for Mac Computer

There are a plethora of Mac OS compatible browsers for you to try, but not all of them are very great and trustworthy.

We have picked out some of the best browsers for you to try on Mac OS:

Google Chrome

The most widely used browser, Chrome, is loved by its users’ because of its incredible speed, efficiency, and functionality. This browser has a great user interface improved by the fusion of the search and searches address bar into one single field.

Furthermore, Chrome offers its users a convenient way to synchronize bookmarks, settings, history across all devices through Google account. It really makes a whole load of work easier.

Google Chrome Browser on MacOS with google.com

40-70 percent of total Internet traffic goes through Chrome. Above all, Google Chrome is fast and most easy-to-use-browser out there. Visual elements are great. Users have the choice to customize the appearances of the browser from numerous themes. You surely won’t regret going for change after trying Google Chrome.

Features of Google Chrome:

  • One of the Fastest Web Browsers out there.
  • Immense Library of Extensions solving every problem from taking notes to virus protection.
  • Support for parental control.
  • A sandbox security model that prevents the browser from interacting with certain OS functions.

Download Chrome Mac

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been in the race of the best browser for Mac OS for a long time, and It has always been amid the top ones. It is another well-known browser which doesn’t compromise on security. There was a time when Firefox was the king of internet browsers. Unfortunately, the time hasn’t been polite to Mozilla Corporation.

Although the new upgrade Firefox Quantum is smooth, slick, and offers a great user experience.

Mozilla Firefox on MacOS with homepage

Mozilla Firefox is not as fast as Chrome, but where it has shown its game is on privacy protection. Firefox provides excellent service securing the way you roam around on the Internet. If you are low on RAM, Firefox might be the best browser for your operating system.

Features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Fast and Reliable, however, not as fast as Chrome, but it certainly comes after that.
  • Superb Security System.
  • Stunning UI.
  • Low-Weight and consumes less ram.

Download Firefox Mac

Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge is an evolution-sized version of Internet Explorer Edge. It is pre-installed in Windows 10. Edge chromium is built from the engine that powers Chrome, which speeds up its use. Moreover, It is now available for Mac users, offering a lot of features and security.

Being the reason that Edge is built on the Chromium engine, Chrome users will find it familiar, although it has some great features which are not found in Chrome and in any other browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium on Mac with homepage

Edge Chromium gives its user a superb experience by combining the extension of Chrome and improved security. It has an Internet explorer mode that can surf better on old web pages.

Features of Edge Chromium:

  • Mac users can use it as the preferred web browser.
  • Combined Extension library with Chrome.
  • Built on chromium engines giving improved and privacy-friendly experience.
  • By default, ad-blocking trackers.

Download Edge Chromium

Opera Browser

Opera is having the same texture as Google Chrome also cares about user experience by offering its users plenty of features. This browser is the next big thing; however, it is underrated in recent times, but it can be the best alternative for Safari. It pleases your operating system by giving the least RAM load as possible.

Opera Browser on Mac with homepage

It compresses the unnecessary content and only shows what really matters. Its mobile application has a turbo option that gives a higher speed even if you have a low-speed internet connection. If your Internet connection gets hoggy very often, let the Opera browser deal with that.

Features of Opera Browser:

  • Built-in Ad Blocker that makes your browsing fast and without any distraction.
  • Built-in Free VPN allows users to enjoy high-quality VPN for free and browse torrent without any security issues.
  • Clean UI that makes browsing easier and simple.
  • Turbo, which makes the Internet faster compressing the data.

Download Opera

Brave Browser

The Mac version of Brave Browser allows you to make any search engine default. This not goes true for other well-known browsers. Brave is a novel and best-emerging browser for the Mac operating system.

Its principal aim is to wash off as many ads as possible from your page,  especially those third party ads which track down your data and show you things relevant to your search.

Brave Browser on Mac with welcome window

Its valuable features show this browser has the potential to stand out from the crowd. The most conspicuous qualities of Brave Browser includes It lets you use Tor right in the tab. It not only hides your history but also masks your IP address. This will be a perfect match for you if you can’t compromise on your privacy and are annoyed by ads at the same time.

Features of Brave Browser:

  • It Blocks Data-Hijacking Ads.
  • Highly secure and reliable, It lets you use Tor right in the tab and hides your history and IP from mischievous sites.
  • Earn Rewards by looking at privacy-respecting ads.
  • Distills Page Function that removes unnecessary data on the page and makes content easier to read.

Brave for Mac


Vivaldi, named on Italian composer, is another browser built on the Chromium engine. However, it is not the same as Chrome or Edge once you get in. The chief focus of the browser is to give the best user interface.

It allows you to customize pretty much every button and every aspect of the browser. This involves themes, fonts, menus, toolbars, colors, and much more.

Vivaldi Browser Features

Vivaldi can be an excellent alternative to Safari for Mac Os, the browser has some pretty useful features, from taking notes to capturing a screenshot all of it is covered by Vivaldi Browser.

All said, Vivaldi is also compatible with the Chrome extension library. If you are picky of your surroundings and want to control everything around you, this browser can be your soulmate.

Features of Vivaldi:

  • Easy to download and Install, Its simple installation process does not ask you to download third-party software.
  • Incredibly customize-able.
  • Reader View, which optimizes content for easier reading.
  • Handy Navigation Control.

Download Vivaldi Mac


Puffin gets a place on this list of best browsers for Mac because of its matchless security and privacy techniques. Rendering a novel approach on browsing Puffin protects its users from threats and malware by streaming all the websites a user visits, through its own servers. Malware or a third-party trying to track you won’t even reach your operating system.

Puffin Browser MacOS Computer and Macbook

Additionally, It has an excellent IOS version, which also has the same approach and protects your phone like no other browser or a third-party app. Puffin filters out data that is ram-consuming and shows the elements in a website which are essential and worthy to be indexed. Puffin will be an excellent choice if you care about the privacy and security of your operating system.

Features of Puffin:

  • It provides noteworthy Security and Privacy by applying a different approach than other browsers.
  • Loads web pages faster than Safari. It accomplishes this by loading content with resources.
  • It consumes less ram.
  • Data Saver Customization filters out unnecessary data consuming ads for better user experience.

Puffin for Mac

Avast Secure Browser

This web browser is also developed from chromium-based technology. However, unlike Google products, it provides better security and is more privacy-friendly than Chrome.

It has some great built-in features such as a download manager that downloads HD videos from YouTube and other media platforms. Its password manager fills you with a strong password and stores all your passwords, so you don’t have to type each time you log in.

Avast Secure Browser for Mac

Avast Secure security components are automatically enabled, so you don’t have to worry about doing this chore. It has a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN), which lets you access Geo-blocked sites and download torrent without any issue.

Features of Avast Secure Browser:

  • Its built-in VPN makes your anonymous when visiting Geo-blocked sites.
  • Secured Personal Information.
  • Download Manager that can render HD videos from different media platforms and allows you to download audio and video content with just a click.
  • Its password manager suggests a strong password when a user is setting up a new account somewhere.

Avast Secure Browser


Update: The browser is out-dated for Mac machine.

Stainless is another browser which comes among the top in the race of fastest browsers, due to its light-weightiness. It is a multi-processor browser and is based on the Web-Kit engine. Stainless possess prominent features that are not found in Chrome or any other browsers. For instance, its feature “parallel sessions” allows the user to log into a website with different credentials from separate tabs.

Features of Stainless:

  • Fast, reliable, and easy to use.
  • Its parallel session allows the user to open multiple client emails at once.
  • It has multiple tabbed browsing, and it won’t consume your ram when you are working on more than two tabs.
  • Its dual-purpose search address bar makes it easier to search.

Search Stainless on Google

Torch Browser

Update: the browser has stopped supporting macOS.

Developed by Torch Media, this browser is the next big thing for Mac OS. I guess most people may not be aware of Torch, although it is widely used among Mac users. Made on principles of Chromium-codes, Torch is intended to be different from a standard browser. Its functionality is stunningly wide. Torch offers options to share content on social media and download Instagram videos and Vines with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, it has a built-in torrent client, which allows you to download torrent without extra work. If you want to make your torrent downloading easy and want to try something different from the norm, then Torch is a suitable browser for you.

Features of Torch:

  • User- Friendly Interface, that allows users to set the appearance of the browser with a set of stunning themes.
  • Additional Features, such as built-in torrent client and video download manager.
  • Free service that helps in organizing YouTube videos efficiently.
  • Capacity to share website via social media.

Search Torch on Google

Bottom Line – Best Browser for macOS

Browsers are sure helpful, but you should only install one at a time. Since the browser uses a lot of RAM power, make sure to limit only a single installation that satisfies all your needs.

I personally use the Google Chrome browser that syncs across devices using the Google account. It helps in browsing, streaming, web development, and maintaining the historical record sync across multi-devices.

If you can’t replace the Safari browser. So make sure to uninstall others after use. And if you like one particular browser like chrome or firefox, then make sure to sync the stored passwords and bookmarks from your old browser for a seamless browsing experience.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

If you've any thoughts on 10 Best Browsers for Mac OS in 2021 – (Safari Alternative), then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our BrowserHow YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!


4 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    I have heard several reports that Google Chrome’s RAM hunger slows powerful Macs to a crawl. I’m reading this to find an alternative to Chrome. Safari is my default but I encounter enough instances of website incompatibility (especially regarding executing financial transactions) with Safari to want a back-up browser.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hello Craig, I agree with the fact that Chrome is a resource-hungry browser. However, I personally use it on my Macbook Air 2017, I find it pretty smooth. Occasionally there are issues when I use along with another heavy program like Video Editor, etc.

      Having said that, you can use the Microsoft Edge browser which is a tweaked version of Google Chrome that supports Microsoft 365 instead of Google Account.

  2. William Butler says:

    Do you know which (if any) of these browsers have already been prepared to run on the new M1 processors? Or would it be advisable to simply install the IOS version on an M1 Mac Mini?

    Also, there are some features of Google Chrome for MacOS that install with the browser that preform functions even when the browser isn’t running. They are related to Chrome’s automated updating feature and have been show to adversly affect system performance. It has also been stated the Chromium based browsers have omitted this function, making them better, in some respects, than Chrome.

    • Kushal Azza says:

      Hello William, I perhaps think that all these browser should support as long as the Apple’s Mac OS support M1 processor. These browsers are made for the software and not for the hardware. There will be performance implications though (M1 is consider to be fastest compared to it’s predecessor).

      Secondly, yes – I agree with the fact that Google Chrome consume a tonne processing power keep the CPU engaged. You can of course limit these processes and Fix the high CPU usage.

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