How to Fix: Safari keeps crashing on iPhone/iPad?

Learn how to fix and resolve issues with the Apple Safari browser that keeps crashing on the iPhone and iPad. We have mentioned different working solutions.

Safari is the default web browser that comes with Apple devices. The Safari browser is pretty capable and is packed with the latest features and security protocols. But still, you might face several scenarios where Safari keeps crashing on your iPhone or iPad devices.

I’m using the Safari browser for along time, and this random crashing of the browser on my iPhone stutter the functionally of web browsing. And to my surprise, some of my friends were facing the same issue.

To solve this safari crashing issue, we did some research and found out a few reasons behind it and also a few solutions that can fix these crashes.

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Here are some troubleshooting steps which helped me to fix the issue with the Safari browser on the iPhone. These methods should also help in resolving iPad Safari crashing.

Fix: Safari keeps Crashing

We have some tried and tested methods that can help in suppressing the Safari crashing issue on iOS devices.

Restart your iPhone

This is a basic thing one should give a try. Just like a PC, your iPhone needs to restart sometimes.

Restarting your phone will give it a fresh process to start. To be more specific, when you restart your phone, it clears the memory as well as deletes all the temporary files and restores all the stuff to a cleaner state.

This way, if your safari is crashing because of some temporary files, it will not crash again. Just visit the site again to check if safari is fixed.

Update to the latest iOS

If restarting the phone doesn’t fix your issue, then you have to check the iOS version of your phone.

All the apps get need to be updated to work with the newer version of iOS. Now, if you have a version of safari that is not compatible with older iOS, then it may cause a crash.

Even if crashing is not an issue, you should update to the latest iOS as Apple provides various bug fixes and security upgrades with new updates. This means that the newer iOS may have a fix for crashes.

Here are the steps to update the Safari browser and iOS version on iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open your Settings app on iOS.
  2. Select the General tab from the list of options.
    iOS General Settings
  3. Tap on the Software Update tab within General settings.
    iOS will check for the update, and if there are updates available.
  4. Install the new version by tapping on the Download and Install command option.
    Download and Install iOS updates on iPhone

Wait for the update to get installed on your iPhone and check the Safari browser after that if it working without any issues.

Clear Safari History and Website Data

Safari browser stores various site data, history, and cache, and cookies on your iPhone. This stored data makes loading faster if you are using some sites frequently.

However, sometimes these files and data get corrupted, and as a result, it crashes the browser. The simple way to fix this is to clear this data.

Before that, make sure to take a backup of your website data if you need it later, as this will remove this data from your iPhone as well as iCloud.

Here are the steps to clear history and website data:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap on the Safari tab from the list.
  3. Tap on the Clear History and Data option under the About Safari & Privacy… section.
    Clear History and Data storage from Safari iOS

This will delete the cache and cookies data along with browsing history from the Safari browser. Recheck your safari browser after clearing the data if the crashing issue still exists.

Turn off the JavaScript option

A lot of websites use a programming language named Javascript. This programming language provides all the features as well as animations to the website.

It is a great thing, but when the code is not written carefully, it may not load the websites rightly, and this can cause the Safari browser to crash on iPhone or iPad.

Here are the steps to disable the JavaScript option:

  1. Open Settings app on iOS
  2. Tap on the Safari tab within the Settings.
  3. Scroll down and open the Advanced option.
  4. Now toggle the Javascript option slider to disable it.
    Enable and Disable JavaScript on iPhone Safari

This will immediately disable the JavaScript execution and should fix your safari crashing issue.

Disable iCloud and Safari syncing

The iCloud feature syncs all your Safari data with iCloud. If you tried all the above solutions and still your Safari browser is crashing, then the problem might be with iCloud and not your phone.

This syncing feature might be useful, but there are chances that it is a reason behind Safari crashes. You should try disabling and re-enable the iCloud sync.

Here are the steps to disable iCloud and Safari browser sync:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap on an Apple ID name that available within Settings.
    iCloud Account Settings in Apple ID page
  3. Tap on the iCloud option.
  4. Disable the toggle button against the Safari to disable iCloud Sync.Disable iCloud Sync for Safari browser

That’s all. This will fix your Safari crashes. You can re-enable the iCloud sync else the Safari open tabs will not sync across devices.

Bottom Line: Safari Crashing on iPhone

To sum up, these solutions helped me and my friends to fix the annoying Safari crashed error on iPhone and I’m sure one of these will surely fix your problem.

Most of the problem was due to cache and cookies storage that was accumulated over a period of time. Hence, clearing the cache has immediately resolved the problem with safari crashing.

However, if these solutions fail, you can reach out to Apple technical support and report your issue there. The technical support will help you with the fix.

That’s all for this guide. Hopefully, this helps you in fixing your Safari crashes issue.

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