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How to Fix the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT on Chrome or Edge

Error STATUS_BREAKPOINT is a random error from a faulty web browser installation or a weak internet connection. To fix this error, users can apply fixes such as updating Chrome or Edge Browser, updating Windows or macOS, removing unnecessary Extensions, trying uninstalling a recent OS update, or trying other web browsers.

Errors on browsers are common if you have an unstable internet connection. Still, there are some scenarios where you may get errors even with a perfect internet connection.

The same happened when I encountered the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT while using the Chrome browser. I panicked and switched to Microsoft Edge to use the internet, but it represented me with the same error.

Error STATUS_BREAKPOINT is a random error that seems to occur when the user scrolls the web pages. The error is associated with the website design or how the browser handles the webpage requests. So the error can be from a faulty web browser installation or a weak internet connection.

Aw Snap STATUS_BREAKPOINT error message

Luckily some troubleshooting methods effectively helped me to fix the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT problem. So in this article, I will explain this error and some ways you can try to fix it.

Although the exact reason for this error is not traceable, it occurs due to many issues. But the official explanation for Microsoft on the Error code is “Hardware defined breakpoint.”

This might mean nothing to the normal end-users; the developers find something, and they can patch it. So until then, we have to try all possible solutions to fix it on our side.

Update Chrome or Edge Browser

This error might occur using an older Chrome or Edge browser version. So it would be best if you considered updating your browser to resolve this.

Here are the steps to update the Chrome browser:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Hit on More vertical 3dots icon for options and select Settings from the list.
    Google Chrome Settings options
  3. And switch to the About Chrome section on the Settings page.
  4. Google Chrome should automatically start looking for the latest updates.
    About Chrome Update on Computer
  5. The Chrome will be updated, and ask for the relaunch.

The process of updating above is for Chrome, but the steps are similar for Microsoft Edge.

Here are the steps to update the Edge browser:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge on your computer system.
  2. Hit on More horizontal 3dots icon for options and select Settings from the list.
    Microsoft Edge Settings options
  3. Switch to the About Microsoft Edge tab.
    Update Microsoft Edge up to date Version number
  4. The Edge will automatically start checking for updates and installation if any.

Once you’ve updated the browser, check if the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error is still appearing. I believe the error should be resolved after the update.

Update Windows or macOS

If you are running an older version of windows, the latest version of Chrome or Edge will cause this error on your PC. So you have to update your windows to solve this issue.

Here are the steps to update Windows PC:

  1. Open the Windows Settings menu.
  2. Click on Updates and security.
  3. On the Windows update tab, click on Check for updates.
  4. If any updates are available, download and install the updates.
    Update Windows OS

Similarly, we can also check for updates in macOS. Here are the steps to update macOS:

  1. Click on Apple apple logo in the menu bar and select System Preferences…
    Apple macOS System Preferences
  2. Select the Software Update preference from the list.
    System Preferences - Software UpdateA window will open and start checking for Software updates.
  3. Choose the updates from the checkbox.t on the Upgrade Now command button.macOS Big Sur update

The operating system upgrade sometimes has security fixes that help resolve the problem. Hence, it’s essential from a security standpoint to keep our operating system up to date.

Remove Unnecessary Extensions

Some extensions might be causing the issue. So you can try removing them from Chrome or Edge browser and check if it solves the issue.

Here are the steps to remove chrome extensions:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon menu options.
  3. Hover on More Tools and choose Extensions from the list.
    It will display a list of all extensions installed on Chrome.
    Google chrome installed extensions
  4. Now click on Remove under any extension you wish to remove.
    Remove Extension command button on Chrome Browser

Similarly, we can also remove the extensions from the Edge browser:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu from the top left corner.
  3. Choose the Extensions menu from the list.
    It will display the list of extensions installed on the edge chromium.
  4. Select the extension and hit on the Remove command link.
    Remove Extensions from the Edge Browser

Although before removing any extensions, it’s best to find if the issue is with the extension only. To confirm, press Ctrl+Shift+N. This will open an incognito tab. In incognito, extensions will not work. So you can check if the issue is by the extension itself.

Try other Web Browsers

Now, this is usually a solution. But you can try it to work temporarily. So first, I would suggest installing a different browser to check the issue. If this issue is not on the other browser, it might be a bug with the latest version; I have to wait for the devs to fix it.

Until then, you can try other browsers like Firefox or Chromium. For instance, the Chromium browser works similarly to Chrome; you can live with it for a while.

Mozilla Firefox browser homepage dark mode

We have a list of the best browsers based on the operating system that you should give read.

Uninstall OS Update

If this issue started to happen recently after an update, you should consider uninstalling the installed update.

Here are the steps to uninstall the recent update:

  1. Click on Settings and click on Updates and security.
  2. Now click on View installed updates.
  3. Finally, click on Uninstall updates at the top to uninstall any installed update.
    Uninstall Security Updates from Windows OS

This should fix the issue if the latest update caused the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error. For macOS, you can consider restoring from the Time Machine.

Bottom Line: Fix the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error

So as you can see, the issue is solvable to some extent, but for some people, it is not. However, you can try using another browser to resolve this issue temporarily. Return to Chrome or Edge after the devs patch it.

This problem mainly occurs if you’re using testing versions of Chrome (Chrome Canary or Unstable) or the Windows insider preview builds. You should consider switching to stable versions to avoid this error if you use any of these.

Let us know what has helped you resolve the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error within your browser.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to Fix the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT on Chrome or Edge, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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12 thoughts on “How to Fix the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT on Chrome or Edge”

  1. Any webpage that starts with //chrome: gets me that error. I cannot access Settings or History, for instance.
    Already reinstalled Chrome, and Firefox and MS Edge works fine…

    1. same. so all the “fixes” are useless b/c I can’t get to settings. I did however make all those changes on a synched PC but still get same error message on main PC.

  2. I had the issue and nothing helped by trying all the tips that I found… Newtab, parameters, about chrome, extensions, favorites, none of the menus were accessibles. I always had this page withe the status_breakpoint code error.
    I fixed this by going to the flags page (chrome://flags/) and click on the “reset all” button

  3. I encounteredd this error when debugging a page that caused the browser to run out of memory.

    Can you see the bug in this code: for (let i = 0; i < n; ++n)….?

  4. I had this error in all browsers and I reinstalled Chrome but it continued with the error and the same issue happened with Firefox and Edge, I realized that it was a connection issue so I decided to reset the modem/router and that fixed the problem.

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