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How to Reset the Microsoft Edge browser

Facing issues with Microsoft Edge? Learn to reset it, restoring default settings for improved performance in a few easy steps.

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s official web browser, providing a gateway to the Internet for users. To reset it, navigate to “Reset Settings” in Settings page. Here, select “Restore settings to their default values”. Follow the prompts to complete the process, restoring Edge to its original settings. Phone devices do not have a option to reset, hence need to rely on device settings options as a workaround.

Data and Settings Reset in Edge browser

The web browser stores the data and settings, which are retained even after closing or exiting the application. It helps enhance the user experience by keeping the setup and login information intact.

Even the Edge browser retains the information in Local Storage and Session Storage.

However, over the period, the stored data can become obsolete and create problems for the smooth functioning of the browser. In such cases, we can follow a few basic browser troubleshooting methods to fix minor issues, but we have to reset the browser settings and its data for some instances.

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Editor’s Note: Resetting the browser may result in lost stored and temporary browsing data. Ensure to have a backup and proceed with caution.

The following guide will help you learn to reset the Edge browser on your computer, Android, and iPhone or iPad devices.

Reset Edge on the Computer

The Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in option to reset the browser settings to the original default. It will restore the custom changes made in Settings to factory default. However, it does not clear any saved data. Here are the steps to reset:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu and select the Settings option.
    Settings menu in Microsoft Edge on Computer
  3. Switch to the Reset Settings tab in the left side pane.
  4. Select Restore settings to their default values option.
    Restore settings to their default values under Reset Settings in Edge on computerIt will open the Reset settings confirmation dialog box.
  5. Click on the Reset command to confirm the settings reset.

Alternatively, you can also visit the edge://settings/resetProfileSettings in the Microsoft Edge address bar to open the Reset settings dialog box to restore the Edge browser to default.

As mentioned earlier, resetting the browser settings does not clear the saved data like bookmarks or favorites, browsing history, passwords, addresses for autofill, etc. However, it will turn off the active extensions and clear temporary data like cookies and cache.

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Note: If you’re resetting the browser to fix any issue. It’s also recommended to clear DNS and stored cookies & cache along with the Reset Edge Settings option.

Reset Edge on Android

The Microsoft Edge on Android has no built-in option to reset the settings or data within the browser interface. However, we can clear the app data from the Android system, which will reset data and restore settings to the original. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Settings and select the Apps menu on your Android phone.
    Apps menu in Android Phone Settings screen
  2. Tap the See all apps menu and select the Microsoft Edge app to open the App info page.
    See all app on Android SettingsYou can also use the Search icon to find the App.
  3. On the App info page, tap to open the Storage & Cache menu.
    Storage and Cache menu in Edge app on Android Settings
  4. Select Manage space settings to open advanced storage options.
    Manage Storage space for Edge app in Android
  5. Hit on the CLEAR ALL DATA button to completely reset the Edge browser on Android.
    Clear all data from Edge app in Android Settings

It will clear the entire Microsoft Edge data, including the account signed-in, saved favorites, and browser settings. It will also delete temporary data like cookies, cache, and browsing history.

After relaunching the app, the Edge browser will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account for data sync and other setup wizards. You can check for issues that you’re facing before resetting.

Reset Edge on iPhone or iPad

Like Android, the Edge for iPhone or iPad has no explicit option to reset data or browser settings. We need to rely on the Clear browsing data option. You can also use the clear app data option in Device Settings.

In most cases, clearing browsing data can help reset the device’s outdated information. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings option.
    Settings menu in Edge for iPhone
  3. Open the Privacy and Security settings option and select the Clear browsing data menu.
    Clear browsing data menu in Edge app for iPhone
  4. Switch the Time range to All time from the available options.
  5. Select the checkboxes for Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files options.
    Clear browsing history, cookies and cache data from Edge app on iPhone or iPad
  6. Hit the Clear now command at the bottom and confirm to clear data.

It will flush the stored browsing data from the app.

Now check if the issue with the Edge browser has been resolved. If not, Uninstall and Re-install Edge from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Bottom Line

The Edge browser has a built-in option to reset settings on a computer but not on Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. The option will only reset the settings while keeping the saved and synced data intact.

You can manually clear the temporary data like cookies and cache for Android and iPhone devices. If required, you can also delete the browsing history.

Resetting the browser settings and data profile will help resolve significant issues related to page loading or browser issues. However, it’s destructive. Hence, the reset option should be considered only after all troubleshooting steps have failed. You should consider using this option sparingly.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Reset the Microsoft Edge browser, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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