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How to Share a Web Links Externally on Safari iPhone/iPad

Learn how to share a website link externally on any apps and programs installed on the iPhone or iPad devices using the Apple Safari browser.

The Apple Safari browser for iPhone and iPad can share the links externally using the mediums installed on the device. We can tap the share icon on the browser screen and select the desired channel to share the link externally. The shared link will be automatically sent through the medium to the selected person.

Share Site Link Externally from Safari browser

Whenever we find something interesting online, we tend to forward it to friends or family. While we cautiously choose who to send it to, we can also choose the medium.

The Safari browser for iPhone and iPad has a built-in feature to support link-sharing, automatically forwarding the link from the browser on any chosen medium. The apps or medium should be already installed on your Apple device.

The share feature is handy that can be used without leaving the Safari browser. It is even more useful when sharing between your Apple devices.

Share a Link Externally

Using various mediums like Messages, Mails, etc., you can easily share the link with your friends or family members directly from the Safari browser. Here are the steps to share a website link:

  1. Launch the Safari app on iOS/iPad.
  2. Open the Website URL that you want to share externally.
  3. Tap on the Share apple share icon command on the screen.
  4. Choose the app or medium to continue sharing externally from the Safari browser.
    Share Website Link via External App on iPhone or iPad

This will allow choosing any medium of communication and messaging apps installed on our iOS device for sharing links using the Share option. Just tap on the app, say, suppose Twitter, and then post the link directly from the Safari browser to Twitter within no time.

You can also choose email, WhatsApp, or even the iMessage app from the list to forward the link. The safari share option works across all mediums.

Bottom Line

The website link-sharing feature is quite useful for everyone. This helps in quickly sharing helpful articles and topics without leaving the browser page. A single click is required to use the safari share and choose a medium, the link will be forwarded to the person or group.

One can also use the sharing feature to send the link to Apple devices like iPhones, Macbooks, iPad, etc.

Safari allows you to use any social media or apps through which you can share the links to send the URL of any pages. You can add these links to your story and status by tagging someone.

Similarly, you can also share links using the Safari Mac. The link can be shared via any medium or app installed on your Mac computer.

Share with us how helpful you find this option to share a link directly via the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad. How often do you even use this feature?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Share a Web Links Externally on Safari iPhone/iPad, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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