How to Disable Camera and Microphone Access in Edge Computer?

Learn how to disable the camera and microphone access permissions to the sites on the Microsoft Edge computer browser. You can allow or deny access per need.

Each website needs certain permissions to execute the job they are meant to do. For instance, Google voice search needs the permissions to a microphone for listening to the voice command. Similarly, a website that compares photos and displays related items needs permissions to the camera.

My mother is not very good at advancing technologies. She faces numerous issues with her gadgets. She often needs help with them. The other day she was getting irritated by these websites asking for Microsoft Edge Camera permission. She got irritated and asked me for help. I taught her how to block them by using Microsoft edge camera settings.

It doesn’t mean that all the websites need permissions. Hence, unless you use these features on any particular website, it’s strongly recommended to block them. There is no specific reason why any website would need such permissions to any services unless explicitly specified.

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Microsoft Edge has the ability to block the permissions to microphone and camera access for the website. It also allows customizing the permissions specific to websites.

How to Block Camera Permission in Edge Computer?

Some websites use the camera and microphone on Microsoft edge for no reason at all. It is recommended to always block such permissions when you do not trust the website.

Here are the steps to block the Microsoft edge camera permission:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on Computer.
  2. Click on the menu for options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Switch to the Site Permissions from the sidebar menu.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Camera option within Site permissions.
  6. Toggle the button to turn OFF to block the camera access permission.

Block Camera in Edge Computer

This will completely block the camera access to all the websites on the browser on any computer device.

How to Block Microphone Access in Edge Computer?

Some websites ask for your microphone access unnecessarily. If permitted, they can steal private information from your device and put you at risk. It is always suggested to block the Microsoft edge microphone permission.

Here are the steps to block the microphone access permission within the Edge browser on any computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on Computer.
  2. Click on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Switch to the Site Permissions from the sidebar menu.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Microphone option within Site permissions.
  6. Toggle the button to turn OFF to block the microphone permissions.

Microphone Access to Edge Browser on Computer

This will completely disable the microphone permission and do not ask whether to allow or deny the microphone request for any website in the Edge browser.

Bottom Line: Edge Camera and Microphone Permission

Some websites can steal your privacy by accessing your camera and microphone unnecessarily. The Microsoft edge webcam access and microphone access can be useless for some spam websites.

I could help my mother by using this feature and she was successfully able to block the microphone and camera access from unnecessary websites. She was able to use websites more conveniently and without any fear of data loss.

Similarly, we can also allow or block the camera and microphone in Edge Android. Just like the Edge computer, it’s suggested to keep these permissions turned off on mobile browsers and use with caution.

I hope this feature helps you and your loved ones as well to protect their privacy in disabling microphones and camera permissions. Do share it with them if you feel it is useful.

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4 Responses

  1. Pat Scarborough says:

    None of this works – there is no “Site Permissions” in the Security menu. As far as I can determine there is no way to block camera use in Edge.

    Looks like an uninstall is in its future – on my pc anyway!

    • Editor Staff says:

      Hi Pat, the ‘Site Permissions’ tab is visible in the sidebar pane. Do you have got the latest Chromium Edge browser? Perhaps you might be using the Edge legacy browser.

  2. Alyss says:

    I’m so frustrated right now. My son’s teacher wants him working in Chrome but the mic isn’t working when he goes into his zoom meeting. The teacher can’t hear him, when I switch to Edge, she can hear him. Her answer is “come by the school and pick up one of the school’s Chromebooks.” We had a chromebook but it would crash our WiFi every time we turned it on, so we returned it. We have a HP laptop that is only 7 months old that’s the next step up from the Chromebooks. Should we get rid of Edge? It seems like it’s competing with Chrome and taking all the mic access with it.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Alyss, I don’t think the Edge will take over the Chrome for microphone access. You could check the Chrome browsers Microphone settings and make sure it’s Enabled instead of being disabled. You can choose the Input as a system Microphone or whatever is reflecting in the Edge Browser microphone settings.

      Also, please consider running the Sound Test within Windows OS for testing Microphone. I believe this should work since your Edge is working without issue. Check out this articles as well:How to Fix Google Chrome No Sound or Audio Output?

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