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How to Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome iOS?

Often mistakenly we close the tabs that we are working on. In such situations, we want to reopen the recently closed tab instantly. If you want to open the recently closed tab in Chrome iOS then tab on the three dots at the bottom and select Recently Closed Tabs and then select the tab from there. In the case of history select History instead of the Recently Closed Tabs and select the tab you want to open.

We often browse multiple websites to view important, valuable information in the form of text, images, videos, etc. But because of unexpected app crashes or accident deletion of the active tab, you will struggle to find the same link again. But thankfully, Chrome for iOS has a feature named Recent tabs, which can help you in such situations.

You can also use the History list to find out any recent tabs too. But both of these options can help you recover any website link which you might have lost because of unexpected tab closure.

Yesterday, my best friend was home to work on an assignment together. While we were at it, she accidentally closed the google docs tab that she was working on. She started panicking instantly, not knowing what to do! At that moment, I decided to show her how to reopen the closed tabs feature.

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Please note that if you’ve used the incognito mode for browsing in chrome iOS, then you won’t be able to find those closed tabs in the recently closed tabs or history. The incognito mode is meant to maintain privacy.

Reopen Recent Tabs in Chrome iOS

If you have unexpectedly closed any active tab recently, then you can access that website again from the recent tabs feature in Chrome iOS. The feature is highly usable in case of an unexpected app crash or website crash. One should know how to reopen the closed tabs feature to restore tabs in case of a crash.

Here are the steps on how to restore chrome tabs on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Chrome iOS app.
  2. Click on the menu for options.
    Chrome iOS Menu Options Recent Tabs and History
  3. Choose the Recent Tabs option.
    Chrome iOS Recent Tabs Recently Closed
  4. Tap any of the recently closed sites to reopen in chrome iOS.

The selected website which was recently closed by you will be reopened in the new tab on chrome iOS. All of this can be accessed under the restore chrome tabs iPhone option.

Reopen Closed Tabs Through History in Chrome iOS

If you closed the sites a long time ago, say a day or a week, then you will not be able to recover it from the recent tabs option. The recent tabs will only display the recently closed tabs.

In this scenario, you can use the history option to recover any old tab which you want to visit again. The history tab has all the records of browsing history that can help to reopen the closed tabs.

Follow the steps to Reopen Recent Tabs Through History in Chrome iOS:

  1. Open the Chrome app on iOS.
  2. Click on the menu for options.
  3. Choose the History option.
    Chrome iOS History Tab with Recent History
  4. Scroll down and select the website which you wish to open.
  5. Click and visit the site.

If you are visiting any website which is essential to you, then we recommend you bookmark the site for future use.

The history tab also comes with an option to delete your browsing data if you wish to. So in case you want to find any website which you closed ten days ago, then you may remove the history of the last seven days.

Bottom Line: Reopen Recently Closed in Chrome iOS

You can use both options, recent tabs, and history to recover any recently closed link. However, if the tab is closed recently in 1-3 days, then you may use the recent tabs option. However, if you closed any tab a week ago, then you may find it in the history tab. It’s excellent that chrome iOS gives you both the option to restore tabs on chrome iPhone.

I have used the recent tabs option whenever I accidentally close any YouTube tutorial or any college homework website. These features can help you in your digital life. Especially, the extra headache of finding a website URL after accidentally closing it can be a big mess. After all, apps make our life more comfortable, and Chrome for iOS is doing just that by providing us with useful features like restoring tabs on chrome iPhone.

I taught my best friend as well how to restore tabs on chrome iPhone after she accidentally closed a working tab. She was relieved!

Similarly, you can find the option to reopen closed tabs in chrome mac as well as on android phones. As mentioned, only the most recently closed tabs will be available under the tab.

Let us know how you feel about the option to reopen the closed tab. Do you find it helpful?

FAQs: Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome iOS

Now, let us discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding how to open the recently closed tabs in Chrome iOS.

How to open the recently closed tab in Chrome iOS?

Launch the Chome iOS on your device and tap on the three dots at the bottom for the menu and select the Recent Closed tabs. Select the tab that you want to open from the recently closed section and open it.

Can I open the site browsed a week before from the recent tabs section?

No, you cannot open the site browsed a week before from the recent tab’s sections instead you need to refer to the history section.

How to reopen the closed tab through history?

Launch the Chrome iOS and tap on the three dots at the bottom for the menu and then select History. Now, from the list tap on the site that you want to navigate.

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5 thoughts on “How to Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome iOS?”

  1. How can you select multiple tabs at once on ios from the Recent or History list?
    It closes the list when you select an individual tab to restore and it’s painfully to keep scrolling deeper and deeper.

  2. Thanks for nothing! I read through this page and found nothing of use. I like many people, had hundreds of open tabs in Chrome iOS iPad (or iPhone). Chrome crashed, causing me to lose over a year’s worth of open tabs. There is no list of previously opened tabs. It is blank! If you go to history, sure history is there but it’s history for EVERYTHING you’ve ever opened. You can’t go into history and only see the tabs that were just recently opened. It would take a very long time to try and find hundreds of tabs that come from a year period.

    If you can’t tell, I am very angry right now. I even thought about throwing my iPad Pro 12.9 at a wall before coming to my senses. There is NO fix! Google SUCKS!

  3. I had probably over 300 tabs open and now in the span of a few minutes, I am down to 70 tabs. I have no idea what happened. I pick up my iPad and the screen on Google Chrome is showing two identical screens of the same webpage but split. I can’t remember what I did next but something caused most of my tabs to close. All tabs except for like 70 of the tabs are just poof gone. They don’t even show up in the recently open tabs thing, which defeats the point of having a recently open tabs thing, if tabs that are “recently closed” don’t show up.

    Where do all the tabs go? I will start bookmarking my tabs. Because I don’t want to have this happen again. But sadly I don’t think I will get all my tabs back. Why does Google Chrome do this to people?

  4. Can anyone help…i accidentally closed all my 50+ tabs on chrome and i use ipad mini so any ctrl or things like that dont work for me, Safari is also not included, i use just chrome so is there any way i can reopened all my tabs 🙏

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