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How to Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser?

The Safari browser is optimized for Apple devices which autokills the dormant and inactive processes. If the browsing tab is not running, Safari will stop allocating the process thread hence freeing up the memory space for the active tasks. You can set autoclose for tabs; however, you can also stop the autoclose tab by setting it to the manual option.

It would be justified to say that Apple did manage to capture the attention of its user base with its impressive offerings in version 15 of its OS.

SharePlay, Focus Mode, and Redesigned Notifications are some of their noteworthy features. Similarly, its default browser is imbibed with some nifty functionalities.

The ability to send the address bar to the bottom for ease of one-hand usage, the new Website Tinting that blends the tab bar with the website’s color, and the ability to change the start page’s background did manage to gather a few positive receptions.

However, despite all these goodies, one issue is bugging the users as of late. Whenever they open Safari, it reverts to a blank home page rather than opening the tabs of the previous browsing session.

It leads to great inconvenience for the users, who would then have to go through their search history and open those websites manually. Fortunately, there do exist a couple of workarounds that have managed to rectify this issue.

So without further ado, let’s check out the methods to stop Safari from auto-closing tabs.

Safari Tab Autoclose on iPhone

The Safari browser has a built-in tab management feature that automatically closes all the tabs after a specific period. It is mainly done to preserve the battery life and free up memory for other active tasks.

But as you might have guessed, this feature is usually the primary culprit when discussing the tab autocloses issue. Therefore, it is recommended to keep this feature disabled across your concerned device.

Here are the steps to change the tab autoclose feature in iPhone devices:

  1. Launch the Phone Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll and select the Safari app from the settings list.
  3. Scroll to the Tabs section, and choose to open the Close Tab option.
    Close Tabs option in Safari Settings on iPhone
  4. Set the option to Manually from the list.
    Manually Close Tabs in Safari iPhone browser settings

That’s it; the autoclosing of the inactive tabs will be immediately disabled. The tabs will be closed only when you manually close them using the X from the tabs menu.

Safari Stop Autoclose on Mac

When we close Safari on Mac, all the tabs are automatically terminated, and when relaunched, the homepage or startup page appears by default.

However, we can make a simple change to help relaunch the same tabs we had before closing the Safari browser.

Here are the steps to keep the tabs and windows from the last session on Safari mac:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Safari menu and select Preferences… from the drop-down.
    Safari Preferences menu options in MacOSIt will open the Preferences window for the Safari browser.
  3. Switch to the General tab in the Preferences window.
  4. Under Safari opens with settings, select All windows from last session drop-down option.
    Safari opens with all windows from last session preference
  5. Relaunch the Safari Mac browser.

While the options are named differently across the Mac and iPhone, they both carry the same objective to prevent Safari from auto-closing the tabs. Next time when you launch the browser, all the tabs will automatically start loading.

Bottom Line: Safari Tab Autoclose

We conclude this guide on stopping Safari from automatically closing the tabs. It is undoubtedly an infuriating experience when you would have to let go of all your opened tabs with no intervention from your end.

However, the workarounds we shared above should rectify the issue.

But even if the Safari browser is forced to quit or abruptly closed due to any memory issue, it isn’t a cause of concern as the browser shall automatically load those tabs the next time you launch the Safari browser.

The close tab feature within Safari iPhone is helpful for users who forget to close the inactive tabs. If you’re one of those people, set the preferred time for autoclose.

On that note, we round off this tutorial on stopping the tab autoclose in Safari. Let us know how you feel about this feature.

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25 thoughts on “How to Stop Tab Autoclose in Safari Browser?”

  1. My phone is set fine as is my MacBook Pro but with them same settings activated on my iPad it is still shutting everything down I have open ! Does anyone have any more ideas! Too much to do to constantly go through and reopen every damn page!

  2. My iPhone already was on manually but safari is still deleting my tabs after a week or so, not sure what’s going on but it is extremely annoying

    1. Same here. I had it as manual and this morning all open tabs were gone unless I had them in a tab folder. Those are still there thank God! But I’m angry it automatically closed all the ones open not in a folder.

    2. This happens to me too, but it happens when I switch tab groups. For ex. I have the general tab that you use when you use safari, and other tab groups for other things. When I go to one tab group back to the general, it’s all gone.

      I read something saying it might be so it the cookies saved on the phone? Said to go to settings>Safari>advanced>Website data>delete and it fixed it for them.

      Only issue is you’ll have to re-log in to any and all your accounts.

      If this doesn’t work I’ll just use Google chrome from now on.

  3. My iPadPro is set on Manual — after having it happen twice before. However, I just lost them all just the same. And the half dozen were viewed each day, too. No way to easily reconstruct. Why did this happen?

    1. by any chance did you close these tabs on other connected devices like iPhone or Mac? The safari browser stays synced with all the connected devices and it’s possible to be autoclosed.

  4. I lose them when I accidentally open another image or document or link in Safari on my iPad. The new window has no tabs and becomes the default with no tabs. When I close and reopen Safari all my tabs are gone no matter what…

    1. This is also my issue. Auto close is set to manual but, for instance, if I accidentally open a safari page from email (I think with a long press perhaps, not a normal open), a minimized page opens in safari and loses all my other open tabs.

  5. My settings show “all windows from last session” checkbox ticked but Apple Mac is still closing all windows on exit. Very annoying. I do not understand why Apple is lauded as such a superior technology as I find it extremely counterintuitive and complex to use. I have to google every problem and mostly the standard instructions for fixes don’t work as per the above. I wish I had stuck with Microsoft.

  6. I am so pissed!
    I set my devices to manual close however safari keeps closing them anyway!

    When researching subjects I need to go back and forth between articles and tabs so I leave them open for a time.

    To come back to work and find everything gone really creates frustration and a loss of valuable time.

    Some subjects I research in private so those tabs are lost because history can’t pull them up.

    Apple really pisses me off when they think we can’t decide what we want and need.

    I wish they would fix needed stuff and STOP helping /fixing unnecessary things that we can decide.

    1. Having the same issue for months now & it’s beyond frustrating! It will even close it when I just toggle to another app. And yet I have manually closed many tabs & they re-appear when I go back in. It’s driving me crazy!!

  7. Just started yesterday or day before
    Tabs close on iPad
    And it has gotten worse as they are open only as long as a few seconds
    I did see a blue screen at one point
    Tried the settings tab manual fix but it failed to correct
    Is iPad fixable?

  8. I just turned my iPhone 8 plus on and I went to Safari only to see that all of my 340 something tabs had been closed automatically. I have the close tabs thing set to manually. So why did it close all of my tabs? Yes 340 is an extremely high number of tabs, but I think it shouldn’t matter how many tabs you have open. Safari shouldn’t automatically close them.

    Why can’t it be easier to reopen tabs that Safari has closed? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a button in the Recently Closed Tabs thing that said “reopen all tabs”, and you press it and all of the tabs are reopened again. That was people wouldn’t have to scroll through the recently closed tabs to find the tabs that you want to reopen. Also a lot of my tabs aren’t shown in the recents closed tabs, despite being “recently closed”. Where do the tabs go when they are closed? Do they just disappear into thin air?

    Thank you for any help I can get. I will send this to Apple to see what they can do. They won’t be able to do anything.

    1. Hi Sam, looks like the iPhone has abruptly killed the Safari browser process which might lead to the closure of all the tabs (hence, it’s not appearing in recently closed tabs as well). The reason for this force killing might be the overutilization of the hardware resources. Apple’s iOS and any other OS try to limit the utilization of resource-hungry apps and programs to avoid the system breakdown.

      If the recently closed tab does not have the records for tabs, you can check the Browser History. I understand it’s a tedious job, but we have no other option. As a workaround, I suggest to bookmarks the links as and when required to keep your links stored safely and avoid such mishaps.

  9. So I’ve checked and rechecked and my Tabs setting is on manual but Safari clears all tabs on my Start Page daily.
    It’s only been happening since the last iOS update and not sure how to fix it.
    This is really frustrating when you’ve been doing research and have to slog back through your search history to hope you find what you’d already accomplished.

  10. The only way I’ve found around this incredibly annoying and unacceptable issue is to move the tabs I want to keep open into a custom tab group. Tabs kept in tab groups seem to stay open without any issue.
    I also have the issue mentioned above of my closed tabs not appearing in my ‘recently closed tabs’ list. And that list is in a strange order.

  11. Same here, im constantly having nothing but problems ever since I updated to iOS 15.5. I never ever once had any issues in safari until now and it’s so frustrating to say the absolute least. It’s completely ruined my generally good safari and iPhone experience. Plus I absolutely can’t stand the new side by side open tabs layout, they need to at least give you the option of having the “Rolodex” style of tabs instead of the annoying and constantly shifting “new” style… also having constant and consistent problems with clicking on a link or just going to a page and after it’s downloaded just fine and ready to use it will close itself randomly, most times after approximately fifteen seconds after being opened, so it’s not a Wi-Fi or connection problem. I sure hope Apple fixes this because I can’t seem to remedy anything myself. By the way I also have it set to MANUALLY close tabs. I’m also experiencing a bug when I leave safari, do something else such as open YouTube or anything, then come back to safari, it’ll open a tab with the complete wrong page, like it will show an old page I previously looked at or even closed but the address bar has a completely different address in it. Only fix is I then have to open a different tab, load it or refresh if, then go back to the tab that had the wrong and mismatched website address and page and then it reverts back to normal like how it should have been in the first place. Another problem I’m constantly experiencing is sometimes open tabs will just flat not work and the “X” and “refresh” buttons disappear completely and/or you just can’t press them no matter what. I’ve never had this many problems EVER! And it all started when I went to iOS15.5. I’m on a iPhone SE2020. I wish I could go back to what ios version I had before 15.5… my safari experience was flawless just a month or two ago, then went to crap as soon as I had downloaded iOS15.5 and it’s been nothing but headaches and frustration ever since…

  12. My Close Tabs feature on my iPhone 12 is, and always has been, set to “Manually,” but every now and then, I will go back to Safari to look at a tab I had just opened earlier that day (for later reading/interaction), but the tab will have been closed for *no apparent reason,* and then I have to open a new tab and find the page I had open in the history, which is super tedious when I left that original tab open for a reason. What the heck is going on with Safari?

  13. I use an iPhone 12 mini and have ALL the same problems listed so far. I love the use of tab groups and I realize if you don’t want to lose it to copy to a tab group. That works well for me with subject related tab groupings. However, I always need the default tab group to stay put too. I don’t always need to save them to a group, and if I’ve had a busy day may not have yet had the time to clean out default and preserve that day’s browsing. Yesterday I had 72 tabs in the default. About 1/3 of them I actively needed to say put, but they were unrelated subjects so didn’t go to a group. I switched tab groups for some recipe, and when I went to return to default, I saw it said “72 tabs”, but when I opened the default group only one tab was there. I tapped tab groups again and it now said 1 tab. I switched to another group, and when I tapped groups icon again to go back it said “72 tabs” on the default group again. But again, trying to select default failed and only has one tab, not 72. That was yesterday. Last night I had about 6 tabs open in default and just now I went to switch to one of them and they are all gone and it’s back to just one of them available. This is so frustrating. I understand not having hundreds open at a time in default, and grouping was meant to help that. I save to organized groups whenever my open default tabs start to exceed 50. So the fact that this is happening in spite of that really annoys me. My history is tedious beyond words to sift through hundreds or thousands of links to find just the 20 that I had left open over a three day period of time, or even a week.

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