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How to View Site Information and Settings in Edge Computer?

Whenever you surf through any websites in the Edge Browser, you must want to know whether the site is secure or not and what all are the permissions that are accessed by the site. Additionally, you can also control the permissions given to these sites. So, if you want to check the connection security then you need to launch the site first and then click on the lock icon and check whether it is secured or not. You can view the Site settings by clicking on “Permissions given to this site”.

We often rely on the authentic and most trusted sites for any information online or while making any purchases. Many illegal phishing sites are built to lure and scam you.

The Site Information menu within the Microsoft Edge browser will help to identify and validate the authenticity of the website. It helps in checking the connection, certificate validity, security, and many more parameters that are not visible with naked eyes.

I am a very wary person in general and value my security and privacy the most. Often when I make a purchase online, I feel vulnerable. The loss of private information to scam websites is my most dreaded nightmare. I had to do something to sway this fear away. After several attempts, I was successful. The site settings are beneficial in verifying site information.

All the advanced browsers these days can check site information. Not only the site information can be ascertained but it also configures the site-specific settings where you can allow or disallow certain services like microphone, location, sound, etc.

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Microsoft Edge also offers Site Permissions settings that help to customize the site access permissions within the browser.

How to View Site Information in Edge Computer?

The edge computer offers the Site Information menu which contains the details about the website like its security certificate, unsecured content, encryption type, certificate authority, etc. which help in understanding the website’s genuineness.

Here are the steps to view the site information on the Edge computer browser:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.
  2. Open the Website where you want to check the information.
  3. Hit on the padlock icon within the URL bar.
  4. Check if the site connection is secure or not.
  5. Choose the About section and open it for more information on validation.

View Site Information in Edge Computer

This will help you to view the site information like certificate, security, authentication, validity, etc. to make sure that the site is legitimate. Hence, you will know the edge chromium tested sites.

View Site Certificate Information in Edge Computer

This is what the certificate information looks like on the Edge computer. You will be able to read the issuer’s name, organization, validity, and all other details for verifying the authenticity of the site.

However, if you are getting the unsecured connection error on every website, perhaps it is an issue with your browser settings and you need to fix it.

How to Change Site Settings in Edge Computer?

If any website is requesting unnecessary permissions like sound, location, etc. which isn’t important. It’s better to change the site settings and block unwanted access.

Here are the steps to change the site settings on the Edge computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.
  2. Open the Website where you want to check the information.
  3. Hit on the padlock icon within the URL bar.
  4. Choose the Permissions for this site menu for customization.

Modify Site Settings and Permissions for Website in Edge Computer

This will help you to change the site-related settings like sound, notification, microphone, etc. to customize the site settings specific to the website.

You can also clear the cookies and cache data for the selected site and even reset the permissions settings.

Bottom Line: Site Info and Settings in Edge

The Site Information has details about the certificates and security level of the websites. You should always view the sites before browsing and stay away from spam sites.

Apart from the security aspect, you should also check the site permissions allowed. If any site is requesting unwanted permissions like a camera, microphone, etc then you should quickly block it.

When I visit any site where I want to create an account or make any payment transaction, I check all sorts of site information. It helps me to stay safe and also satisfies my dubious psyche. Also, by default, I limit websites from accessing most permissions unless necessary.

Similarly, you can also view site information and settings in Edge Android. However, the options for site permissions under the site settings are limited compared to the computer browser.

What are your current site settings for Did you block any service for us? If yes, what made you do so?

FAQs: View Site Information and Settings in Edge Computer

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to view site information and Settings in Edge Computer.

How to view Site Information Edge Computer?

To view the Site Information Edge Computer, click on the lock icon on the left side of the search bar of the Edge browser and see whether the connection is secure or not. You can click on the first option About to see the basic details of the sites.

How to view settings in Edge Computer?

To view the site settings in Edge Computer, click on the lock icon on the left side of the search bar of the Edge browser and select Permissions for this site. Now, you will be able to view all the settings and permissions required by the site.

How to check whether the connection is secure or not in Edge Computer?

To check whether the connection is secure or not in Edge Computer, launch the site and click on the lock icon at the left of the search bar where you will find an option as Connection is secure if the site is secure else it would say Connection is not secure in case of any malicious things.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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3 thoughts on “How to View Site Information and Settings in Edge Computer?”

  1. How do I add intranet URL to site exception list on Android MS Edge tablet os? This feature is available on MS Edge Win10pc version, but can’t find it on the Android version for Samsung Tablet. Is this feature available for andoid os?

    1. Hi Kike, MS Edge for Android has very limited control over site exceptions. Unlike Edge for Windows PC support various services giving more control over the sites and features. Edge for Android currently supports only the ‘Sounds’ feature for site exception, unfortunately.

      May I know what exact service you want to add your intranet URL as an exception? Whether you want to add an exception to JavaScript, Pop-ups, AdBlocker, or anything else?

    2. However, you can block the services like camera, location, storage, etc. for the Edge Android app within the Phone Settings menu.

      1. Open the phone ‘Settings’ menu.
      2. Tap on the ‘Apps and Notification’ tab.
      3. Expand ‘See all ** apps’.
      4. Choose the ‘Edge’ app from the list
      5. Open ‘Permission’ to check explicit permissions.
      6. Enable or disable the services based on need.

      Just note that this will enable or disable on overall app, not just the site. Hope this helps.

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