Cursor or Mouse Pointer Disappear in Chrome Browser (RESOLVED)

Missing your mouse cursor in chrome browser on touch screen device? Learn how I got fixed with tweaking a few settings in Google Chrome and also disabling the hardware acceleration program.

Are you facing the issue with your Chrome browser especially with the cursor being disappeared when using in a touchscreen mode? My friend had a similar problem with his surface tablet running on Windows OS.

The problem was really simple. The cursor would disappear from the screen while reading or browsing in chrome, however, when we scroll through the web page the cursor would reappear. It wasn’t like cursor or mouse pointer is inactive, but it was just got hidden only in chrome. While using other programs or accessing files in Windows Explorer didn’t face any hiding problem.

Google Chrome Mouse Cursor Pointer Disappear

This cursor disappearance only happens when using the touchscreen (tablet) mode, however, when connected with a mouse and keyboard the problem won’t appear.

After trying a couple of tweaks in the Chrome browser, we settled down with settings that fixed the problem (temporarily). This is just a workaround, but Google needs to fix this issue. OR maybe they have designed it and working as intended.

Follow these simple steps to fix the cursor disappear issue in chrome —

1. Kill Chrome from Task Manager and Relaunch

If the mouse pointer disappears in the chrome browser, just restarting the program will solve the issue. Open the task manager on Windows and select the Chrome from the program list and hit on [End task] button. This will kill all the existing chrome processes that are even running in the background.

Chrome Processes End Task

Verify that are no chrome threads in task manager and you’ve completely exited all the process. Now just reopen the browser and start using the chrome browser with the cursor on the screen.

This should temporarily make the cursor appear in the Chrome browser.

2. Restart using chrome://restart command

I know it’s quite a tedious job to relaunch chrome after killing from task manager at every instance. Alternative, you can use the restart function in chrome to completely relaunch the browser without killing from the task manager.

Whenever the cursor or mouse pointer is hidden in the chrome, just try running the chrome://restart in browser URL. This will automatically, restart the browser and make the job less painful.

Chrome restart command

Make sure that you do not have any unsaved edits in the browser. Restarting the browser will close all the existing tabs and running extension temporarily and make the mouse cursor reappear.

3. Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration is a pre-build feature in the Chrome browser that helps in smooth functioning. It typically helps in improving display performance when using a chrome browser.

Hardware acceleration also influences the keyboard, trackpad, touch screen display, etc. Hence, disabling or enabling the hardware acceleration usage will fix the chrome mouse cursor issue.

I kind of juggled between enabling and disabling this option. For some system disabling will fix the issues. While for others, keeping this option enable keep has resolved the auto-hiding problem.

Follow these steps to enable or disable the hardware acceleration usage in chrome browser:

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Navigate to Settings from 3 dots options
  3. Scroll down in settings to open Advanced Settings
  4. Under the System section, toggle the option ‘Use hardware acceleration when available

Chrome Settings Use hardware acceleration when available

Like I mentioned, keep this toggle enabled or disabled based on how it’s resolving the mouse cursor auto-hide in the chrome browser.

4. Switch to Chrome Canary browser

You may also switch to Chrome Canary that can resolve the issue with the mouse pointer disappearance. The canary is built over the chromium project and has an exact same feature just like the Chrome browser. However, this browser is highly unstable and used by developers.

You can download the chrome canary for free on Windows as well as macOS.

Please note that Canary is not a stable chrome and you may still watch the cursor disappear issue intermittently.


I hope this helps in resolving the issue with chrome browsers mouse cursor auto-hiding. While I know and want to share that this is a temporary workaround for the issue, it may reappear and need to frequently try out the above workaround to fix it.

I think if this is the major flaw, then Chrome developers need to address and fix the issue permanently.

Let me know which workaround was able to fix your problem, whether it was relaunching the browser or disabling the hardware acceleration.

Also, please drop in any other method that I haven’t added but worked at your end to resolve the issue.

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2 Responses

  1. Cleveland G Shields says:

    i do this, but i have to keep redoing it. I turn off the accelerator, the mouse shows up for a while. Then, the mouse disappears you have to turn on accelerator. Is there a more permanent fix?

    • Kushal Azza says:

      I totally understand the pain.
      Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix as of now. Google has to address this issue and fix in the backend.

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