Google Chrome for Android Overview with Options and Settings!

We will learn about Google Chrome for Android Phone. In this, we will cover the look and feel about Chrome and also an overview of settings and available.

Google Chrome android is one of my favorite browsers that come pre-installed on any Android phone. If you do not have one, then you can download chrome for mobile from Android Play Store.

Google Chrome for Android is a vast browser with lots of features and settings along with customization for every user. It’s not possible to cover everything that Chrome has in-built. However, I will try to cover it all and also write a series of articles that will wrap all the features.

My mother is not a tech-savvy person like me. She is not as aware of what Google Chrome for Android can do. So, she asked for my help. I decided to help her.

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Hence, in this article, I have shared a brief overview of Google Chrome for Android and also the options and settings that are available for all.

Let get started to know about Chrome Android —

Top Sites Icons

There are short icon links that are visible immediately when you open Chrome Android. These icons are the links to the website or webpage that you have frequently visited on the Chrome browser.

Quick link icons Chrome Android

We can customize these top site link icons by touch-hold to get the options to remove. Quick link Icons are a very basic and useful feature available in Chrome Android.

Articles for You

Very next to quick link icons is the list of Articles for You. These are the content suggestion based on your interaction with Google and Chrome browsers.

The suggested articles are purely based on your area of interest that Google AI has learned over the period. You may also receive the regional and local news as the suggestion in Articles for You.

Articles for you Chrome Android with Hide option

If you aren’t interested, then you may also hide the suggestions by tapping on the Hide link. But, we may not be able to completely disable it.

Search Bar

This is a typical search bar that is set to default as The search bar automatically suggests the queries and even saves the search history in Google.

You can also type the website URL directly into the search bar to open the website instead of using a search engine.

Google Chrome Android Search Bar

Google Chrome for Android also provides the option to customize and change the default search engine to anything else than Google.

Home Icon

The home icon on the top will help you quickly navigate back to the home screen.

Home Icon Chrome Android

You can customize and set the home icon to any desired website URL apart from the default newtab page.

Profile Icon for Personalization

The Profile icon will take you to the Google account page within Chrome android where you can personalize the Chrome layout according to your needs. You can customize the options like sync chrome data, autocomplete address, payment methods, search queries, and URL, safe browsing, etc.

Profile Icon Chrome for Android

The profile icon also helps to control the data that is being sent to Google. If you do not want your search history and page URL to be stored in Google, you can quickly opt-out of the same.

Tab Icon

The tab icon helps to switch and to control the number of open tabs in Chrome android. You can also open a new tab or new incognito tab using the tab icon.

New Tab Icon and Switch Tabs in Chrome Android

You can also close all the open running tabs at once using the Tab menu option and selecting the Close All Tabs.

More Options Icon

Next, the 3 dots more optionsvertical 3dots icon that we will frequently use. A lot of the options and settings are hidden under this more options icon that we will be using.

Chrome Android Menu and Options

The options available under this icon may get changed based on whether a website is loaded or not. You can perform actions like bookmarking a site, open new and incognito tabs, navigate forward and backward within the session, and tonnes of other simple yet useful tasks.

Settings Menu

Under thevertical 3dots icon option, you will have the Settings menu that has all the Chrome browser settings. These settings help in customizing the Chrome browser look and feel as well as usage.

Settings in Google Chrome for Android

You can customize the theme, change language, privacy settings, etc. You can also clear history and browsing data from the various available settings options.

Chrome for Android Settings Options

About Chrome

The About Chrome is the last option available in the Settings menu that helps in understanding what version of Chrome you’re currently working on.

About Chrome Details in Android

You can see information like version number, build number, OS, and legal information about the Chrome browser. If you’re outdated, then you can update Google chrome easily from Android Play Store.

Watch this Google Chrome for Android demo

The video covers everything about Google Chrome android shortly and concisely. Check out the real demo of where the options and settings are exactly located in Chrome for Android.

Detailed Google Chrome for Android Overview & Options Walk-Through

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Bottom line: Chrome Android Features

Google Chrome for Android is rich in features and does not compromise to give the best experience while browsing any website. There are plenty of other browsers evolving every day, with prominent players like Microsoft Edge for Android, Firefox for Android, etc.

However, Google Chrome is still the #1 choice for Android as well as desktop users lately. Since I know all the features of Chrome android well, it helped me explain the same to my mother. She could use Google Chrome for Android with more ease now.

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Do you use the Chrome browser for your Android or iOS Phone? Let me know in the comments below. Also, what is your favorite feature within chrome android browser

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