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Microsoft Edge for Android: Overview and Features!

Microsoft Edge Chromium for Android embraces all the features that Google Chrome for Android supports. Additionally, Microsoft has implemented few additional features like read aloud, immersive reading, etc., that aren’t available in Chrome, making it a preferred alternative with enhanced privacy. It is the go-to browser if you prefer Microsoft services over Google.

Microsoft released a stable version of the Microsoft Edge browser in the testing phase last year. They have now embraced the chromium project browser and ditched the older edge browser that comes pre-installed in Windows 10 OS. Moving forward, Microsoft has promised to deliver the Chromium-based Edge browser in Windows 10 instead of the native.

Along with the Microsoft Edge android browser, they have also released stable versions across the devices, including the mobile phone running on Android OS and iOS.

We got the chance to test the new and improved Microsoft Edge for Android OS, and this article is about its initial impression. Since this was built on the Chromium project, we had compared the Edge with the Google Chrome browser.

However, this is not an apple to apple comparison cause that won’t justify a new player vs. the well-established one. But we made sure that we are not missing any basic information that Google Chrome for Android was providing.

I have always been a fan of Microsoft Edge when I started using it on my Windows PC. I always wanted to use it on my Android phone but was dubious about its features. So, I researched its features and decided to give Microsoft Edge Android a try.

Profile icon

The welcome screen itself asks to sign in with a Microsoft account; if you have an account, then log in; else, you can skip. The profile icon is visible at the top left corner with your profile picture.

If you tap on the profile icon, it will take you to the profile management page, where you can sign out, make changes to sync settings and even add another Microsoft account sign-in.

Microsoft Edge Android Profile Page

Using the profile icon tab, you can switch between personal and work profiles.

Homepage layout

The Homepage layout is a great feature that is missing even in Chrome for Android. The homepage layout option helps in customizing the homepage of the Edge for Android. You can enable or disable certain elements from the page layout option.

There are typically 3 layouts + 1 custom layout option that you’re allowed to choose. The custom layout helps in toggling off the feature that you do not need.

Page layout options in Edge Android

If you’re a minimalistic person who loves a clean interface as I do, then turning off all the elements in the custom layout is suggested. Learn more about custom homepage layout in Edge Android.

Search bar

The Microsoft Edge for Android has a search bar embedded on the homepage that helps quickly search. By default, the search bar works in (Microsoft’s search engine). However, you can always change the search engine in Edge Android.

Default search engine Edge Android

You can do an image search and voice search along with the traditional text or keyword search using the search bar. You can even copy-paste OR enter the website URL directly in the search bar to launch a website.

The image and voice search may request additional permissions to device storage and microphone.

Top sites

The Microsoft Edge for Android is embedded with the top site icons and shortcut links on the homepage. These top site icons automatically change over time based on your browser usage and start reflecting the sites you have visited the most.

Top Sites in Edge Android

You can also remove selected top sites from the list by tap-and-hold on icons to get more options.

Using the Page Layout option, you can always enable or disable these top sites section within the Edge browser homepage.

Top stories

Microsoft News powers the top stories within the Microsoft Edge Android. It displays all the top news stories based upon your location and interest. You can read through the entire news with one tap and switch back to the home screen easily.

Top Stories in Microsoft Edge Android

Unlike Chrome, there is no way to customize the stories apart from disabling them from the Page Layout option.

Google Chrome’s suggested articles are more relevant than Microsoft Edge’s top stories. I found top stories more annoying because it’s swamped with celebrity news than any useful stuff.

Navigation menu

The navigation menu within the Edge for Android is quite accessible as compared to Google chrome. The Edge Android forward and backward navigation command buttons are located within the bottom menu bar, available at your fingertips.

Navigation button on Microsoft Edge for Android

Using the Microsoft Edge Android navigation, you can quickly flow between website pages at ease. Edge Android also supports the option to enable or disable the swipe navigation within the browser.

Options (Settings) menu

Most of the Settings and Options are hidden under the options menu icon horizontal 3dots icon. Within the home screen or any website page, you can select from a wide variety of page-level options and browser-level settings.

The options and settings within Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for Android are almost the same. You can perform various page actions like find on the page, add to favorites, desktop site view, print as PDF, etc.

View desktop site on Microsoft Edge Android

As far as Edge browser level settings are concerned, you can control the site settings, access control the camera and microphone, change appearance themes, etc.

Tab icon

The Tab icon multi tab icon within the Microsoft Edge browser helps in listing down all the active browsing pages. It also helps in switching from normal mode to InPrivate or incognito browsing in Edge Android.

You can close the exit of the tabs that are no longer required or close all the tabs with one tap on the trash icon.

New Tabs in Microsoft Edge for Android

The tab icon helps in listing down all the sessions and easy switch between the tabs. You can always add new tab sessions and private tabs under the tab icon.

Share icon

Unlike the Chrome Android share option, the Microsoft Edge for Android sharing icon is quite accessible and visible. A single tap on the share icon will list down all the available social apps and communication mediums to choose from.

Continue on PC option on Edge Android

You can also choose to continue on the PC option for sending the link over to the Edge browser on Windows or Mac. However, it would help if you had a Microsoft account signed within the Microsoft Edge browser on both PC and Android phones.

Video of Microsoft Edge for Android:

Here is the detailed video tutorial of Microsoft Edge for Android OS. I’ve compared it with the Google Chrome browser.

NEW Microsoft Edge for Android Overview and Settings Walkthrough!

I hope you liked the video. If you did, please subscribe to our youtube channel.

Bottom Line: Microsoft Edge Android

Microsoft Edge for Android is one of the most popular browsers across the globe. But due to the excessive use of Google Chrome, its use has been limited.

People like me have been waiting for the Edge for Android phones to release for a long time. I’ve specified all its details and provided everything you must know before using the Edge for Android. With Microsoft Edge everything is easy like you can properly manage the recent tabs and InPrivate tabs. You have the optio to download the webpages for offline readings. The layout option is the most unique one that I love the most. 

The Edge browser is safe and secure. You can also check the site settings and control the permissions and the data stored by the sites. 

Also, please share your first impression of the Microsoft Edge for the Android browser. Let us know what you liked and what you did not!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are few frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Edge browser for Android phone.

Is Microsoft Edge available for Android?

Yes, the Microsoft Edge chromium browser is supported on all the major operating systems, including the Android OS. You can download the Edge for Android from Google Play Store.

Is Edge better than Chrome for Android?

In terms of features, both Edge and Chrome are running on the same Chromium backend. However, the Edge has built a few additional features like read out load, immersive reading, AdBlock support, etc., on the top of the baseline feature.

But, when it comes to privacy, Edge has implemented strict privacy settings and also removed the Google tracking setup from the source code. So it ultimately boils down to one’s personal preference.

Is Microsoft Edge a good browser for Android?

The Microsoft Edge is a great browser for Android. It’s one of the best browsers for Android OS and consider to be a great alternative for pre-installed Google Chrome.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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  1. I accidentally clicked on a Facebook website. Now every time I close Edge I get a Facebook page asking me to join I do not want to join Facebook. How do I stop these ads??!!

  2. What’s up with enabling experimental features via edge://flags/ in Android? You can enable them in theory, but as far as I can tell, no such features are available!

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